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Webcast live performances from your location!

Garage Radio introduces GR LIVE! This revolutionary new service allows your band to play over the Garage Radio stream in real-time. We've raised the bar for online music. Garage Radio will send press releases, and advertise your GR LIVE! session on the site, in our newsletter, and spread the word all over our network. This is a great opportunity to get noticed by the right people on your own turf.
GR LIVE! promises to be the hottest new medium on the Internet for providing exposure to artists that truly want to be heard. Nobody else streams your music live, so this is you're golden opportunity to become a pioneer. GR LIVE! is already gaining attention from much of the industry. Sign up for your session now and you'll be able to say "I was there!"


GR LIVE! Sessions

Pkg. # of Listeners Price (single stream)♪ Price (dual stream)♪
1. 100 $49.99* $74.99*
2. 200 $69.99* $104.99*
3. 400 $89.99* $134.99*
4. 800 $129.99* $194.99*
5. 1600 $189.99* $284.99*
*All packages are sold by 1 hour increments. Prices above based on 1 hour. For larger packages email
Choice of Hi Fi, Lo Fi or both. Ordering 2 streams gives you twice the listeners!

When applying for GR LIVE! be prepared to supply the following following information:

  • Band Name
  • Name, Address, Phone where you can be contacted on the date of your GR LIVE! session
  • Desired date and time of GR LIVE! session (7 days advance notice required)
  • 2nd choice of date and time (if your 1st choice is not available)
  • Preferred Package (please specify single or dual stream and number of hours)
  • Desired payment method: Check, M.O. or PAYPAL. (You will not be able to specify a date until a personal check clears and must give at least 2 weeks advance notice for Money Orders)
  • News release (optional)
  • Band image (optional)
There are also some system requirements that will affect your ability to participate in GR LIVE!:
  • Pentium 300 or better (Pentium III recommended)
  • Windows 98/ME/XP/2K (Macintosh is not currently supported)
  • Broadband Internet connection: DSL or Cable (the service is not available to dial up users)
  • SB LIVE or equivalent sound card
  • Winamp v2.x with DSP plugin or WinAmp 5 (Winamp 3.x is not compatible)
  • Input device such as conference mic or 4-track/mics and available attachments

To apply for your GR LIVE! session email

Terms of Service

Payments for GR LIVE! can be made via Paypal, Check or Money Order. If paying by check or M.O. a session can not be scheduled until the payment is received by Garage Radio. Returned checks will result in a 25% to cover bank fees.

It is important that your PC meets the minimum requirements listed above. Garage Radio claims no responsibility for system crashes, incompatibility issues or any other technical errors occurring on the user's end. Furthermore, Garage Radio claims no responsibility for technical issues that may occur with your ISP or network connection. GR will not accept GR LIVE! requests from users with a dial-up or ISDN1 (64k) connection. ISDN2 (128k) will produce marginal results, but is not ideal for this service.

Every PC will exhibit a different sound quality. It is recommended that you perform a thorough sound check and equipment test well before the time of your session. There are no "do-overs" and your session will continue as scheduled, even if you're not ready. We won't reimburse for users leaving because you weren't ready. Garage Radio disclaims any accountability for sound or mix issues. We will be able to give you a good idea where the problem lies during setup, however, we can not fix it for you.

Your GR LIVE! package is based on number of users as well as a time allotment. Garage Radio does not guarantee the number of listeners that will attend, who will attend or how long they'll listen. We only guarantee that we'll do everything we can from our end to attract as many listeners as possible. The rest is up to them. If you exceed the allotted time frame, we are not obligated to continue your session, however, we'll try not to cut you off in the middle of your guitar solo. It is your responsibility to observe the time remaining before starting that next song.

You will need to be plugged in and ready to start at least 15 minutes before your GR LIVE! session is scheduled to start. You will also need a phone available so our DJ can walk you through setup and to ensure everything is operating correctly. If it is determined that your session cannot start as planned. Garage Radio will reschedule your session or refund your money, depending on the issue.

Refunds will not be available after your session extends 15 minutes beyond its scheduled start time. Refunds are not available if you were not happy with your performance. There are also no partial refunds if your session outlasted your music or if you had fewer listeners than available channels. Garage Radio wants you to have an enjoyable experience and are open to any comments or suggestions you have about GR LIVE!. If the event was overtly bad due to any number of technical issues or other things falling under the "S**T HAPPENS" clause, we will be happy to work with you on a resolution. If you have any complaints about this service or disagree with the terms of service please email us.

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Published on: 2003-08-28 (3415 reads)

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