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The Rock Show: The Ins And Outs Of A Boys Night Out
Posted on Monday, October 24 @ 07:22:42 MDT by roadrash
 ShowsThe Nintendo Fusion Tour blasted into Philly for 2 sold out nights of some of the wildest new bands on the scene. It was obvious who should've been headlining the show when Boys Night Out took the stage, blowing away Panic At The Disco, Motion City Soundtrack, The Starting Line and yes ... even Fallout Boy! Stay tuned for the next big thing kiddies!

The Ins And Outs Of A Boys Night Out
By Simon Burger
Photos by Thomas Garner (Warped Tour, 2005)

Jeff Davis

By the time I got to the Electric Factory, the line to enter was already around two corners of the building. This was an hour before the show ... and I'm usually early to these things. Clearly these teenaged girls really liked their Fallout Boy. When I finally got in the door, Panic At The Disco was already playing. I'll assume the promoter of this tour isn't that big of an asshole and that they'd just started playing as I walked in ... a half an hour before the official start and ten minutes after the doors opened. Wow, it sucks to get low billing!

Anyway, Panic At The Disco played three songs. I'm sure they had no time to check their sound and I may have liked them more if they had. I didn't hear the song titles exactly, but I'm pretty sure that all three had the word "dance" in them. After the second tune, the leader excitedly introduced the band and announced that this would be their last song.

"Are you guys ready to hear bands?"

The crowd cheered and really seemed to like them. They had the place dancing the whole time ... good stuff.

Next up was Boys Night Out, who took some time setting up. Let me just say that this band was introduced to me a couple weeks ago. I listened to their old stuff and chucked it, but I heard their new CD Trainwreck once and started listening to it like crazy. It's actually really great, but it sounded like it was produced really hard, so I couldn't wait to see if they could back it up live.

They backed it up. First, BNO came out and launched into two songs off their old albums. I don't know which ones they were ... I don't really care. I'm sure some hardcore fan was psyched for that, but to me, it was sloppy and weak. The audience didn't seem to care much either. When were they gonna play the new stuff? Fortunately, lead singer Connor Levat-Fraser told us they would be playing "Medicating" off of Trainwreck. This was a good thing! it's no less than one of the best songs. This tune shows off the singing they all learned how to do in the two years between their last album and this one. The addition of Kara Dupuy made their catchy choruses even more pleasing to the ear ... and to the eye. She was also in charge of audience participation ... prompting a mass of clapping to the ending of this one.

Kara Dupuy

Next they played "Healing," also off the new record, which begins with some typical emo vocal workouts, then some hardcore yelling ... then switches into some really melodic guitars and a downright sad chorus: "Music this magnificent and medicine are one and the same/They make life worth living/Hearts worth healing..." You really have to hear the tongue-twisting nature of this delivery.

Fraser went nuts the whole time, jumping around stage and singing, working to get the audience pumped. They played another old song. This one was better, but still nowhere near the new disc. Thankfully though, they played "Purging." It was heavy on the screaming at first, but the lyrics are really great if you know 'em.

This is about the point where they decided to kick our asses, following up "Recovering" with "Composing," as they appear on the album. Let me just tell you that these two songs are amazing. They show off the considerable technical prowess of this band. They closed by rocking out to "Composing," which was a genius idea. Definitely the best song off the album, it slowly builds to the chorus of "It's all about the song in my head/the one where the audience is all dead." Fuckin' sweet and so effing metal. People got pumped and started dancing. Some even threw up the horns while the song rocked out really hard for a few minutes before it bridged back into the chorus. Then BNO thanked the place and left. Sweet set. Even their sound was good in the usually muddled Factory.

The night continued on with Motion City Soundtrack, The Starting Line and headliners Fallout Boy, who also took forever setting up. I guess it's fun to pretend you're a big shot. The stage ended up looking really cool though, with big brick walls on either side and the drums high on a pedestal. Everybody there was fully psyched and went crazy when streamers and confetti dropped from the ceiling and some dude brought out a sign that said "Round 1" on it. Then Fallout Boy came out and began to suck. They sucked really hard. They were probably the worst band of the night! Why do these people like them? Maybe their lyrics are actually good ... everybody seemed to be singing along, but they were utterly lost in the din of their awful, cluttered musicianship. I danced along with everyone, because it was at least good for that, and waited for a good song. I waited for four songs ... then I walked out. There's a limit.

Connor Levat-Fraser

So with that said, it's hard for me to recommend the Nintendo Fusion Tour. That's right! I forgot to mention this was sponsored by Nintendo. That meant instead of a light show on the side wall we had pictures of video games being played and instead of the cash bar they had Gameboys set up.


Boys Night Out is really great, but they have a very short set and there's a lot of other crap you've gotta sit through if you wanna enjoy them and get your money's worth. If you like any of these other bands though, it's definitely worth the 30 bucks. If Boys Night Out headlines a tour anytime soon, be there!


Electric Factory
Philadelphia, PA


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