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The Rock Show: E(v)olocity
Posted on Saturday, October 28 @ 04:08:58 MDT by roadrash
 ShowsIf you see any show this year, I recommend E(v)olocity. Their unbridled energy, big sound and fearless stage show make for one hell of a good time!

By Mary Ellen Gustafson
Photos by Steve Arington


E(v)olocity started the night off with a WAY bigger, extremely enthusiastic, crowd in attendance than I’d previously seen. Since the release of their Self-Titled debut album on Nuerra Records 09/26/06, along with several play dates, the changes in the band were pretty obvious to me. They had a new look, new drum kit, new mic stand and a really tight, professional sound. If I was impressed when they opened for 10 Years, they blew me away at this show!

Aaron immediately took control, introducing the band, welcoming the fans and thanking everyone for being there, before the band launched the heavy bass/percussion intro of “Too Far.” Man these guys played tight! Although they’re a hard rock band, it felt like a metal assault with a really good vocalist (Aaron) that sings melody. The whole attitude of the band was very “in yer face” and “hey, join in and party with us” at the same time ... hard to explain, but very cool and very well received.

One of my favorites was up next, “4th Wise Man.” Jazz plays a great guitar intro on this song anyway, but this time it almost sounded like an automatic gun going off before getting into the vocals. This particular song showcased the talents of everyone in the band, from Melon on bass and Cor(e) on drums to Raydn 1 and Jazz on guitars and backing vocals. Near the end, all the band members sang the chorus a cappella before slamming back in with the instruments and repeating “God please save me” over and over, then the music sped up and crashed to a stop.

“Cockeyed” exhibited some pretty amazing bass work by Melon, who usually stays in the background on stage. This song was very dynamic live and Raydn 1 used his magic keyboard/turntable/percussion area to accompany Melon’s bass solos in between the half-sung, half-spoken lyrics of this song. It was very quirky, but it worked. This was followed immediately by the crowd favorite “Troop Support,” which they’d been hollering for since the first song.

New light effects were evident here and it sounded ten times better than the first time I heard it performed. The crowd went absolutely wild at the end and Aaron took a minute to say their time was about up and introduce his new “weapon” – the mic stand – which he said weighed about 90 lbs. and if he dropped it on somebody it would slice them in half. It’s a big zigzag metal stand and he sure must be in shape to throw it around like he does.

Aaron, Cor(e), Jazz

A shout of “What? You don’t like to make toys?” came from the stage to open “Herbie” and everybody in the venue was bouncing and dancing to this very popular song. My concert buddy informed me it’s a favorite download among the high school set and it sure was well received by the crowd. The live version was even better this time around. Everyone off and ON stage had fun with the song and then E(v)olocity’s set was over.

The band plays mostly in Arizona and other Southwestern states, but if you get the chance to see their show, I highly recommend E(v)olocity. Their unbridled energy, big sound and great stage show make for one hell of a good time!


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e(v)_Jazz3.jpg (134741 bytes) E(v)_Melon.jpg (210932 bytes) e(v)_Raydn1.jpg (132371 bytes) e(v)_Jazz.jpg (142330 bytes) e(v)_Raydn12.jpg (140191 bytes)
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Marquee Theater
Tempe, AZ


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