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Older Articles

 New Artists: Mr.E (songwriter) & the totally obscure band (808 reads)
New Artists MrEsongwriter writes "Mr.E(songwriter) and the totally obscure band has just received an honorable mention from the 13th annual BILLBOARD WORLD SONG CONTEST 2005 for his song "ever been lonely""
Posted by roadrash on Saturday, June 10 @ 12:25:39 MDT
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 New Artists: Western Civ (2748 reads)
New Artist - Rock MistyDawn writes "Western Civ is an indie rock band that you won't want to miss out on. Trust me, these guys are destined to be an indie household name. The truely original music is winning the ears of both fans and critics.

Dan MacIntosh from wrote:

"This band may be from Alabama, but there isn't even a hint of Southern Rock here. Western Civ takes traditional rock instruments and creates experimental workouts with them. It might not always come out sounding civilized, but this CD is a winner -- in a strange Pavement kind of way."

You can read the full review and vote for yourself at:

I would love to hear some feedback, so if you have an opinion,which I hope you do, let me know what you think.

Misty Dawn
Manager of Western Civ
**(leave a comment on the message board and sign the E-mail list)

Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, April 04 @ 19:40:16 MDT
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 New Artists: New Dying Every Day Album Out March 1 (2954 reads)
New Artist - Alternative dyingeveryday writes "
The Struggle, Dying Every Day's first full-length album, is officially set for release March 1, 2006. Samples and free downloads are up now at

All 12 tracks are also available to purchase in MP3 format on Soundclick at:

Posted by roadrash on Wednesday, February 22 @ 04:24:48 MST
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 New Artists: Till Moss, Chicago Rock Band (3254 reads)
New Artist - Rock griffjj writes "Till Moss is a three-piece rock band from Chicago. We've been compared to Wilco, Elliot Smith, and Fugazi. There's not necessarily a common theme there, but then again, we pride ourselves in having an original sound. Listen for yourself at, and drop us a line at
Posted by roadrash on Sunday, February 05 @ 05:42:33 MST
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 New Artists: Introducing THE LAST PEOPLE ON EARTH (1153 reads)
New Artist - Pop rmarrs writes "
The Last People On Earth are a new band from Yorkshire, UK playing their own original music. They sound like a hybrid of The Doors and Colloseum meet Jeff Buckley on a hyperdelic rock 'n' soul ride to the neo-psychedelia paisley underground.
Posted by roadrash on Friday, January 20 @ 12:12:10 MST
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 New Artists: Latest Killer Angels News (1973 reads)
New Artist - Rock KillerAngels writes "The past year has seen us bring in a whole new rhythm section, creating a more professional. harder working band
Highlights for this summer has been 2 packed house storming set gigs at the borderline for Alan McGee (Discovered and managed “Oasis”) and the Go North music industry festival witch we are still getting label feedback from.
The weekend after Domino bones gig we go to diving bells studios in Glasgow to record with reindeer section member Marcus MacKay who has produce tracks on snow patrols last album etc.
December and January will see the band take their 1st break from gigging in 2 years to concentrate on song writing and we will return to live playing on 25th jan at death disco Notting hill arts club.
Killer Angels and mogwia are the only Scottish bands to play as regular as this for Alan McGee, in the past 12 months we have supported kasabien,towers of London,the subways,glitterati and Domino bones (bez from happy Mondays new band).
We have also been added to the sountrack for an Indie movie that’s based in New Jersey called “leaving souls”. Also have been asked to send a cd for air play on Canadian radio rock show.

Posted by roadrash on Thursday, December 15 @ 08:35:30 MST
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 New Artists: Darrel Andrews Releases New Album 'Spider Soul' (2397 reads)
New Artists Darrel Andrews began his lifelong musical journey in Louisiana playing the Trumpet. When Andrews was in school music was not a part of the curriculum and there was no band room so he often found himself outside with other band members practicing under an oak tree. That kind of determination and perseverance would pay dividends in the years to come.
Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, November 15 @ 02:09:15 MST
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 New Artists: Violent Divine + Rock 'n' Roll Universe = True (1409 reads)
New Artist - Rock violentdivine writes "Violent Divine is promoted by Rock'n Roll Universe, right there on the front page next to artists like Motley Crue, Kiss and Aerosmith. "A Top Notch Act! A+" says Rikki Rampage, owner/founder of Rock'n Roll Universe. See for yourself at: Listen to Violent Divine in the brand new jukebox at:"
Posted by roadrash on Thursday, November 10 @ 02:49:32 MST
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 New Artists: Would you let your kids listen to this? (1421 reads)
New Artist - Christian and Gospel jjuice writes "J. Juice, an up and coming gospel rapper has released his second cd entitled “Johnny B Good”, under his record label, Juicy Records. When asked how he feels about the new album, he commented, “I have Shifted Gears on the new album. I believe that listeners will walk away feeling empowered, inspired, and encouraged to Shift Gears as well.” The cd is packed with positive messages for today’s youth. The first single, “I’m Shifting Gears” will encourage you to spend more time with God. The first single also includes a video directed by J. Juice, show casing several of today’s youth. This video is family oriented and can be enjoyed by the whole family. The second single from the album is “Fire”. It will help today’s youth understand that no matter what you are going through in life, with God on your side, you can do all things! Another song on the album entitled “Run and Tell” helps people to understand that God is a forgiving God. No matter what lays behind in your past, once you accept Christ as your savior, it is buried in a sea of forgetfulness, never to be thought of again. You may be asking yourself, what makes this cd different from any other hip hop/rap cd out there? The answer is simple, J. Juice offers music that is comparable to the secular music market that today’s youth is listening to. Instead of all the negative messages that parents are concerned about their children hearing. J. Juice is offering positive messages that parents are happy to let their children hear. The music still has those catchy hooks and strong beats that attracts today’s youth. In addition, the cd has bonus tracks by J.Juices’ newest group “The Compound”. You are sure to be blessed by their powerful lyrics. Now is the time for you to spread the word to your audience. Listeners and readers will thank you for sharing J.Juices new cd “Johnny B Good” with them.
For more information visit us at or Email us at, we would love to hear from you!
Posted by roadrash on Saturday, September 24 @ 03:56:53 MDT
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 New Artists: Hollywood’s Underbelly Comes to the Surface in Michael Mangia’s New CD (2022 reads)
New Artist - Alternative Michael Mangia is not your typical artist. And The Invisible Wall is not your typical CD. Set for release October 4, 2005 on Loft Box Records, the latest album from Hollywood-based singer-songwriter-pianist Mangia, while filled with compellingly beautiful melodies on the surface, actually buries some deep dark themes. In many ways, Michael Mangia is the David Lynch of pop music.
Posted by roadrash on Friday, September 23 @ 06:51:55 MDT
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 New Artists: It's Music That Forces You To Sit Up And Listen! (1583 reads)
New Artist - Alternative middleworld writes ""In a time when everything from "new rock" to "solid rock" is mashed up into a familiar content, structure, and attitude, MIDDLEWORLD deliver a landscape of stratospheric melodies and emotively driven arrangements. You cannot just passively consume this music; YOU MUST BECOME A PART OF IT." -Cory Divine-Birth of Tragedy

Come see and hear ground-breaking new-progressive music at"
Posted by roadrash on Wednesday, September 07 @ 03:42:14 MDT
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 New Artists: soiled happyland e.p (2366 reads)
New Artist - New Age and Dance soiled writes "If you prefer your electronica shorter, sharper, harder and with a more industrial edge, you could do worse that check out the ‘Happyland’ EP by Soiled, whose ‘Mindnumb’ EP I brought to your attention some time ago. With four tracks of warped no-fi tomfoolery, ‘Happyland’ is a fine slice of UK underground techno punk. My personal favourite is ‘Uttoxeter Holiday Incident’, mainly for the brilliance of that title, but also because it sounds suitably dingy, grubby and with an altogether unsavoury sense of mesmerising ugliness. It sounds like walking along Teignmouth seafront on a rainy bank holiday afternoon, the sounds of amusement arcades drifting in through bedraggled waterlogged candyfloss. The other side of summer, indeed.

© 2005 Alistair Fitchett
Posted by roadrash on Sunday, August 14 @ 16:30:03 MDT
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 New Artists: Atlantis (1673 reads)
New Artist - Alternative Besy writes "Hello! We are Russian rock-group. We are present you our new sing "Atlantis".

It's new realy good music and vocal.

Thank you!"
Posted by roadrash on Thursday, August 11 @ 05:10:37 MDT
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 New Artists: David W. Jacobsen releases new album (1687 reads)
New Artists davidwj writes "Singer/songwriter David W. Jacobsen has released his newest album, Footprints, which is available at

Footprints deals with obsession and mortality through both humorous and melancholy, acoustic songwriting. Some songs present funny and cynical looks at being rejected, while other songs are honest tales of unrequited love. Some songs are humorous existential rants, while others probe for a positive reason to get through the day. His previous album, Cubicle Wonderland, was popular for several Dilbert inspired songs about office life.

Some sample tracks are available at: "
Posted by roadrash on Wednesday, August 10 @ 16:59:11 MDT
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 New Artists: A band that just wants to be heard. We don't suck. (1052 reads)
New Artist - Rock thedollarstore writes "The Secret Life of Machines are a hard rock quartet out of Old Bridge, New Jersey. They were formed in 2003 and have since developed a stunningly wide array of sounds, drawing inspiration from the great bands of the early 90's. Their music can instantly fluctuate between raw pounding beats, to slow, melodic lullabies; and yes still manage to convey emotion and meaning.

Since their creation, the band has played many of the big rock clubs throughout Central New Jersey. They boast an impressive list of original material that is continually growing and separates itself from the genres of today's popular music.

These days, The Secret Life of Machines are still working hard at building a name for themselves, writing new music, and independently recording a full length album.

Please check out our site:"
Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, August 09 @ 04:54:34 MDT
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 New Artists: BALTIMORE'S BEST LOUNGE PIANIST 2005 (1009 reads)
New Artists rjozwiak writes "Baltimore Magazine has named Ray Jozwiak (Gonzo Piano) BALTIMORE'S BEST LOUNGE PIANIST 2005 in their Baltimore's Best August issue. Although Ray is much more than simply a Lounge Pianist- he writes and performs original material exclusively and records and produces various incarnations of his work- it is nevertheless an honor to be named as such by such a venerable publication.

Check out Ray and his music at or purchase CDs at"
Posted by roadrash on Saturday, August 06 @ 06:26:20 MDT
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 New Artists: Malignant Inception ... Extreme Black, Death, Progressive Metal band from SLC (1761 reads)
New Artist - Metal TheEmperor writes "Malignant Inception is an Extreme Black/Death/Progressive Metal band from SLC, Utah looking to slay the UNdark ones! you won't hear another band like check us out and Contact us at: or go to"
Posted by roadrash on Sunday, July 24 @ 13:13:08 MDT
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 New Artists: JL Cotter's Debut Album is NOW Available (1145 reads)
Release Date: 4/12/2005
Genre: R&B
Styles: Slow Jam, Urban, Hip-Hop

The Album B4 The Album
In JL's debut Album "The Album B4 The Album", he incorporates his influences of past and present, as well as what he discovered at a young age, with his personal situations and original ideas of love. "The Album B4 The Album" blends a great mix of midtempo sounds and slow jams that will give your "skip" button a rest. Songs like "East Side" feat. Mos Def, "Somebody's Gotta Go" with a sample from the Legendary B.I.G. & "Just Tell Him", you are sure to find a song that identifies with you perfectly.
Don't miss out on getting your copy of this soulfully blended album from JL Cotter!
1.Wake Up Call 2. Intro/D.J. Reg West Intro 3. Mo' Thangs 4. Make U Cry (featuring Stimuli) 5. East Side (featuring Mos Def) 6. For Us 7. Never Give In/The Interview 8.Somebody's Gotta Go/Caller Request 9. Just Tell Him 10. Hot Chic (featuring Ave Denera) 11. Phone Call 12. She Likes It 13. Business & Pleasure 14. Forever 15. JL's Thank You's 16. Kasual/ Night Club Scene 17. Brightnie Star/ Breathe 18. Bonus Song (Only U remix) 19. Bonus Song (Song Cry)

Preview the tracks and purchase your copy @ or"
Posted by roadrash on Friday, July 15 @ 10:43:29 MDT
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 New Artists: Baldread Is Dancehall, San Francisco Style (1845 reads)
New Artist - Reggae baldread writes "Balford Henry , Observer writer
Jamaica reggae fans now have access to Baldread and the Raggamuffin Crew's sophomore album, Inna Dancehall.
The San Francisco band is probably one of the best known exponents of the phenomenal "ragga world beat" and is led by Craig Ward, also known as Baldread.

Ward has been a favourite of Bay area reggae fans from his stints with bands like Reddi and Dub FX. He has a very capable backing band supporting him with experienced musicians, including Leonard Durham on bass, Alfonso Baskin on guitar, keyboardists Ron Mckinley, Jawge Huges, percussionists Danny Molina, Ryan Wong and Tom Bartolaro, Lou Neuberger on drums and Michael J. Neuberger on guitar, Mustapha Craig lead vocals, Kennya Hunter back ground vocals

The band plays up-tempo and dancehall rhythms with much of the energy once thought unique to our musicians. In fact, Baldread is obviously quite familiar with Jamaican DJ styles, as well as being a versatile singer.

Incidentally, it was quite intriguing to read Performer Magazine's Jason Meininger's review of the CD which suggested that, "the hard thing about reggae music is that while everyone can identify it, not everyone can identify with it".

According to Meininger, "reggae is a broadly applied, generic term for anything with a particular kind of rhythm and most people don't have much clue about what it really is".
Baldread and his band may not be 100% reggae musicians, but they seem to have a deep love and faith in the music and, most of all, they seem to enjoy performing reggae songs.

Their music carries some effective cultural messages. Songs like Who De Mon?, Teach de Youth, Mother Africa, Jamaica Nice and Rise Up Raggamuffin are basically reggae, except for the accents and the genuinely Jamaican drum and bass.
Inna Dancehall is a lot of fun listening to, not to mention the distinctive message the lyrics leave imbedded in the mind.

The harmonies of Triniti, Nashisha and Jenilee add something special to the mix which should win a lot of respect for this improving reggae band."
Posted by roadrash on Sunday, July 10 @ 03:43:37 MDT
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 New Artists: UNKNOWN IN TEXAS (1721 reads)
New Artist - Rock joseexist writes " Because Texas is so big, there's a lot that goes on there most of the world never sees. Take the music scene for example. Austin, is both the state capitol, and the music capitol. Dime was from Dallas. Stevie R. V. was from Austin.
I'm a nobody from a little city called, Victoria.
I record my own material when I have time(the day jobs a tough one!). I have 3 albums out on cdbaby. But I have very little time to do proper PR.
In short I don't get much exposure. All I ask is for anyone who reads this, please go to Browse for, Jose' Luis Diaz.
and give a little listen to any tunes on: "NOBODY WINS!!!!", "Screaming With My Eyes",or "Death And Decay". My e-mail there is the link backl to me.
I encourage you to let me know exactly how you feel. I'm a TEXAN, so be as critical as you have to.
Jose' Diaz"
Posted by roadrash on Monday, June 06 @ 09:10:24 MDT
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 New Artists: From the Gutters of Jersey comes... (1946 reads)
New Artist - Rock poogie420 writes "Ok heres the deal... Im in this band called "Persun" and we just joined this site... so check out some of our stuff when you can... or

Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, May 31 @ 15:36:25 MDT
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 New Artists: Introducing Pocket Universe (1840 reads)
New Artist - Rock HisMoonfyre writes "Pocket Universe Bio and Discography"
Posted by roadrash on Friday, May 27 @ 10:06:32 MDT
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 New Artists: The Chill You Feel is The Pine Box Boys (2334 reads)
New Artists tombstone writes "Bursting out of Arkansas, by way of San Francisco, The Pine Box Boys have released their first album, ARKANSAS KILLING TIME.

Brought to you by Trash Fish Entertainment Co. (the same folks who brought you Reagan's Polyp), this sort-of alt. country/bluegrass album is a rogue's gallery, if you will, celebrating murderers and the misery they've caused. Although the songs have clearly been dragged, like a bloody sack, through some very tall bluegrass, they are unmistakably original. For the past year, THE PINE BOX BOYS have been hollering these mean songs at Bay Area audiences. Founded by Arkansan-in-exile Lester T. Raww (also known for his work in REAGAN'S POLYP), the band is made up of members of such diverse San Francisco acts as RIPTOPOLIS, SALVATION AIR FORCE, and KILL THE ROBOTS. Their music is a blend of Americana and bluegrass, often with dark overtones, often with up-tempo sincerity.

You can check them out at:

Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, May 17 @ 10:08:34 MDT
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 New Artists: Smart Lyrics And Chord Changes To Die For (2564 reads)
New Artist - Pop Dave Sanderson, a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist artistically known as Flowerbed, has released his brand new album "Songbook". The CD contains 11 tracks which reveal influences from Joni Mitchell to XTC. "Exquisitely crafted songwriting ... wonderful harmonies, smart lyrics and chord changes to die for," The South West Gig Guide, UK writes.
Posted by roadrash on Wednesday, April 20 @ 03:47:39 MDT
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 New Artists: Hip Hop From Tha Left Coast (1757 reads)
New Artist - Hip-Hop Phenom writes "Throughout the course of history many types of phenomena have been witnessed, some unexplained. Once again history repeats itself. From the crack infested, concrete jungle of South Central Los Angeles comes Phenom, an MC/lyricist/freestylist who lives up to the name with vivid, descriptive and catchy lyrics which come from a life of ups and downs. "
Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, April 19 @ 02:03:25 MDT
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 New Artists: Finespun: On The Rise (1662 reads)
Bands The problem with the music industry is that there are not enough bands like Finespun. These four gentlemen exploit every possible opportunity that comes their way.

They are beginning to see the fruits of their own efforts. Finespun is currently involved with a major commercial radio campaign. The band is taking a stab at a six-week campaign solely funded on their own dollar. Demonstrating not only faith in their own project but a true understanding of what it takes to develop their careers. The campaign is proving successful as the boys are currently being spun nationally. Their radio campaign is reaching stations from the East coast to the West coast and in between. Finespun will again capitalize on opportunities by touring in support of their radio success.
Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, April 12 @ 03:44:42 MDT
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 New Artists: HIGBEE AND KAYNEEVOL the day it didn't end (1570 reads)
New Artist - Rock BC writes "Higbee was introduced to the city of Cincinnati via the old laundromat/bar Sudsy Malones. As youngsters they'd have to play Sunday nights that were a horrible draw except for those who just couldn't stop partying from the night before. Eventually some older bands on the scene would have them on the Friday or Saturday night, but for the most part the band would rock it's own world with coy demo's and band experiments that went on at the celebrated Brewry where half the band lived. "I remember one night I had busted out all of these old steppenwolf records, and was blaring them and dancing and acting the fool. But then I sat the band down. I gave Quentin a guitar. Damien a book, and I believe I had some weird magazine of some sort. I pressed record and said go. What we came up with was a pretty cool abstact picture of the whole evening from hodgepodging all of this stuff.""
Posted by roadrash on Monday, March 21 @ 04:08:53 MST
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 New Artists: ROYAL JONES Love Situation (2661 reads)
New Artist - Alternative Pufnstuff writes "I hope my friends will join this group in support of the artist ROYAL JONES. Royal Jones artwork and his original music are featured at his web site. Which is located at >
Royal Jones CDs are available for sampling at"
Posted by roadrash on Thursday, March 10 @ 06:31:26 MST
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 New Artists: Guitar Rock-N-Roll (3026 reads)
New Artist - Rock sulentic writes "If your'e Looking To Listen to 1 Kick ASS Band I Present To You, The Sulentic Brothers Band From South Bend Indiana. Going On 12 Years Together SBB Has Written Over 100 Songs That Will Keep You Rocking Well Into The Early Morning Hours. Their Tripple Threat Guitars Have Been Compared To Legends Like Lynyrd Skynyrd And Molly Hatchet Among Others. Make Sure You Stop By Their On Line Music At"
Posted by roadrash on Wednesday, March 09 @ 03:36:11 MST
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 New Artists: Making History (1284 reads)
New Artist - Reggae Verzatyl writes "FOR BOOKING INFO-229.809.7127 AND
Konterrias Thomas-C.E.O
Born in Albany,Ga and raised up on HON. ROBERT NESTA MARLEY,since I was 6yrs old.Now i; writing and producing my own songs and own my own independent label.I feel this is my year and im willing to do what it takes to make it happen and to be heard!"
Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, March 01 @ 04:03:36 MST
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