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Sunday, November 03
· Hilary Rosen Ignores The Real Thieves - By Robert Kramer
Thursday, September 12
· The B.O.G thanks Garage Radio!
Thursday, August 15
· A Slap in the Face

 Commentary: For He's A Jolly Good Fellow (1970 reads)
News and Commentary No matter what circle of music you hail from, or even if you're not into music at all, the name Les Paul is as recognizable as the Golden Arches. His guitars played religiously by renowned musicians since the 1940s, his music enjoyed by enthusiasts from every walk of life and his knack for raising the bar on every level, Les has greatly enriched and influenced music and musicians for over half a century.
Posted by roadrash on Wednesday, June 08 @ 17:08:24 MDT
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 Commentary: How I Spent Six Months On The Road With Billy Idol (4401 reads)
MD News This is a great (and completely true and unembellished) story that highlights a part of the job description of being on the road. Many people outside of the music business want to hang out with Rock Stars (in some capacity OTHER than "Groupie"). Many of them think that by taking a position as a sound tech, lighting tech, stage carpenter, rigger, etc, they will get to "hang" with whomever they are on tour with. If this is your primary reason for getting into the tech side of the entertainment business, then you are in the wrong business. PLEASE, stay home. The entertainment business is for people with a passion for their job.
Posted by roadrash on Thursday, January 13 @ 04:44:13 MST
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 Commentary: Is This Trip Really Necessary? (1099 reads)
News and Commentary I was recently sent a number of emails regarding an article that was featured on a conservative "intellectual" water cooler site. The article is no longer on the site, but you may read it HERE. The subject was an inappropriately timed slam piece about "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott, along with every member of the Heavy Metal community. .
Posted by roadrash on Wednesday, December 15 @ 16:31:32 MST
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 Commentary: A Fond Farewell To One Of The Greats (3842 reads)
News and Commentary While the public mourns the loss of a renowned guitar virtuoso, "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott was much more to everyone who ever came in contact with him. His magnetism went far beyond the guy who reshaped Metal for all future generations ... it was his unadulterated love for his family, friends and fans that also won him a top spot in the humanity hall of fame.
Posted by roadrash on Saturday, December 11 @ 08:23:15 MST
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 Commentary: Never Trust An A&R Rep (3519 reads)
News and Commentary I couldn't help but notice that not much attention has been paid in Australia to the oh-so-scary department of "Artist and Repertoire," and the minions that make it function ... A&R Reps. Everybody has heard the term, but not everybody knows exactly how this section of the music industry functions. Being down under, stuff seems to work a little differently compared to the UK or America, where the goings on of this kind are more commonplace ... so here's a quick primer.
Posted by roadrash on Wednesday, December 01 @ 05:16:52 MST
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 Commentary: Can't We Just Call It All Music? (2508 reads)
News and Commentary We are a society of labels and comparisons. If we see or hear something new we tend to slap a title on it so we can identify with it for our own presence of mind or to describe to our friends. The same holds true for music. I’m not just speaking of genres or associations, but of gender ... and believe me, there is a gender war going on out there.
Posted by roadrash on Thursday, October 21 @ 08:44:52 MDT
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 Commentary: 36 Important Rules For Your Band (4799 reads)
News and Commentary Here's a l'il something we ran across on the Internet recently. It's a bit cynical, but it's very easy to see the truth in many of these ... hope you enjoy this!
Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, October 12 @ 07:11:23 MDT
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 Commentary: The Internet Debacle - An Alternative View (1338 reads)
News and Commentary Free exposure is practically a thing of the past for entertainers. Getting your record played at radio costs more money than most of us dream of ever earning. Free downloading gives a chance to every do-it-yourselfer out there. Every act that can't get signed to a major, for whatever reason, can reach literally millions of new listeners, enticing them to buy the CD and come to the concerts. Where else can a new act, or one that doesn't have a label deal, get that kind of exposure?
Posted by roadrash on Saturday, September 18 @ 17:42:12 MDT
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 Commentary: Gotta Love Him , He's Got Heart' (1783 reads)
General streetwarrior writes "Before you all say here we go again, I will tell you this is some serious and deadly stuff going on here, but there's no stopping him from this suicidal mission, and no matter how much we all try and whether you like him or you hate him, you all need to know what this guy is willing to sacrifice for just some plain ol people."
Posted by roadrash on Thursday, September 09 @ 01:07:31 MDT
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 Commentary: Another One Down: Top Picks of 2003 - By John Foxworthy (3135 reads)
News and Commentary I know what you’re saying … “Not another year-end ‘best of’ list!” Let me assure you that this list is the consummate 5 best and worst of the last year in indie music, and I’ll pull no punches. I’ve gone through great pains to remember and chronicle all of the coolest and “un-coolest” things we’ve seen from 2003 according to me.

Note: To see the Top 10 according to GR visitors CLICK HERE.
Posted by roadrash on Thursday, December 25 @ 16:06:13 MST
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 Commentary: DJs are human too! .. how to approach indie/underground DJs (2026 reads)
News and Commentary Onzou_Records writes "First thing I do in the morning is checking the e-mail. Normally it's 100+ mails .. sure lotsa spam 'n other trash .. but if I would work on the trash and the serious letters in full detail it would take me at least 3 to 4 hours."
Posted by roadrash on Friday, November 14 @ 12:28:57 MST
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 Commentary: Gonna Be a Star? (2130 reads)
News and Commentary Many people starting out lack a confidence in themselves or they somehow get to believe that the ones who have already made it are different then they are. They could not be so wrong as to feel that Beyonce, Alicia, Tim McGraw, Alan Jackson or any other star is different as far as being able to achieve their goals. The only difference is that they are there and you may not be yet, and the key word is " yet ". Another difference may well be in the time they dedicated to getting there that you may not be willing to.

Posted by roadrash on Friday, October 24 @ 09:23:52 MDT
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 Commentary: Remembering 9.11 (1901 reads)
News and Commentary Today marks the 2nd anniversary of the terrorist attacks on New York's World Trade Center, The Pentagon and the downed jet in PA. We at GR would like to step away from our regular format and take a moment to remember all of the lives lost, all of the heroes and all of the families who will never see their loved ones again. The only good to have come from the tragedy was the reunification of our great country, when all Americans stood up and with one loud voice shouted, "We will not take this shit lying down!"

If you can throughout your day, please dedicate a moment of silence in rememberance.


GR Staff
Posted by roadrash on Thursday, September 11 @ 08:24:42 MDT
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 Commentary: Should the major labels be having babies...? (1556 reads)
News and Commentary irishunsigned writes "In Ireland, the grass-roots music scene is vibrant, alive, creative, astonishingly heavily populated by bands of all types and very, very healthy. However, at the top level, it's dead. Why? "
Posted by roadrash on Saturday, August 30 @ 00:52:23 MDT
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 Commentary: One Hundred Albums You Should Remove from Your Collection Immediately (7978 reads)
News and Commentary This project marks the first time is giving back to the community -- something we intend to do a lot of. We would like to offer you and the rest of the world nothing more than the gift of good taste, which some people can feel threatened by. However, though many of us wear spectacles and look both ways before crossing the street, we at are a warlike bunch. We feel that it's imperative to tell you that we are offended by your CD collection.

Note: This is one of the funniest review/commentary pieces I've ever read. While I don't agree with all of the selections I was certainly entertained throughout the whole piece.
Posted by roadrash on Monday, August 18 @ 08:07:02 MDT
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 Commentary: Internet For Indies 101 - By John Foxworthy (1344 reads)
News and Commentary When on the road to fame it's natural to make mistakes. They help us to learn and are native to achieving success. Sometimes, however, we tend to make these mistakes without ever realizing it. After dealing with hundreds of artists I have come to realize that there are a few oversights that are most common among the community and may even impede their journey to stardom. I have a few tips that can help speed up the process of getting noticed and obtain more substance for your press kit.
Posted by roadrash on Sunday, June 29 @ 10:37:45 MDT
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 Commentary: Producing Independently (2377 reads)
News and Commentary Onzou_Records writes "A young writer asked, "What do you do as a producer."

Something I read recently sums it up:
Produce a good product.
Set up distribution.
Promote it.

With so much out there this is not a simple task. Probably a good product isn't anywhere good enough. It probably has to be something so special that it creates its own market. This isn't true if you are a major corporation with the bucks to manipulate people into buying your product with clever marketing. For a small independent even succeeding with a great product is a long shot. It's not the quality of the product that sells it. That is just the first step without which everything else is doomed. Promotion is what sells.

Yes, of course you need distribution. That could be mailing your product from your home. This is perhaps not such a bad idea because unless YOU generate demand your distributors are not going to sell any product anyway. Still, it is nice to have your item listed with some places that sell it even if only for the advertising it gives you.

You've got to tell people about your product. Actually, this is almost impossible. A small independent without a marketing machine to push things and working on a miniscule budget, if any, has no chance of competing with the marketing corporations that have the bucks and the connections. Would it be a surprise if the big publishers also controlled the retail outlets? - like the way cinema producers own movie theatres. Independent product is competition - not wanted by the big publishers. Quality is not the issue. I read in the music business a group might even be signed just so the signing company can put them on the shelf out of the way so they won't be heard. So, what to do?

Really, you write or produce music because that is what you want to do regardless of the outcome. Then you do your best to get it out there. This is not a reasonable or even a sensible decision. You go against all odds and do it anyway. Perhaps you get noticed and some corporation provides marketing support. That's one route that has its benefits as well as its pitfalls. It may be the only reliable route to get noticed.

Now if you're really determined you just go for it. The internet gives you an incredible inexpensive power to communicate. And I think the independents' possibilities start here. You make connections. You find people that are interested. You receive support and enthusiasm. Ah, now you've got a "team" working with you. You've got a chance of reaching a significant number of people. This is a slow process. I find everything takes way longer than I could possibly have imagined. It is your pure conviction that what you offer justifies your efforts.

Oh yes, what does a producer do? You work at your "day job" to support your habit. Then you spend the rest of the time working at it.

Stephen Conroy, Producer
Onzou Records,

Posted by roadrash on Sunday, April 13 @ 08:51:53 MDT
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Bands jtbrat642 writes "In recent weeks, NYC power punk quartet The Baghdaddios have come under fire for, of all things, their band name. Since the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom, there have been requests for the band to change the name, citing insensitivity and capitalizing on the current situation as reasons to abandon it. There's only one problem.......
They've had the name for over ten years.
"I just don't think it's right. We've be known as The Baghdaddios for years and we've built a reputation with that name, "explains lead guitarist Jim Ievolella adding, "We're not trying to capitalize on anything." In fact, the group was founded in the NYC suburb of Nyack, NY in late 1992. They've been a fixture on the NYC indie scene from the very beginning, playing their third-ever show at famed modern rock breeding ground C.B.G.B.s. Other notable venues graced by the frenetic quartet include The Hammerstein, Continental, Kenny's Castaways and L'Amour in Brooklyn. Their debut CD, "Willie Horton Hears A Who" has found room on radio play lists the world over and even their studio outtakes have charted on's national charts!
Other members of the band defend their playful moniker as well. Says drummer Paul Zlotucha: "Dude, I like the name. It's kind of political and fun all at the same time." Said bassist Steve Strauss: "It's like being a ten-year-old kid named Lee Harvey in 1963. One minute it's an alright name and then one day in November it's like "Oh....greaaaat!".....".
Band leader and rhythm guitarist Kenn Rowell was aghast at some of the invectives. "I mean, come on guys it's just a play on words. Hello? We're ON YOUR SIDE!". No threats have been made to the band yet although Zlotucha joked that he "found Peter Arnett's head" in his bed. Chimes in Rowell: "No, there hasn't been really any violence yet.....just a few people yelling "Hippie" and "you suck" at our shows. Oh yeah and the occasional 'dirty' e-mail".
While each member of the band has his own opinion on the preemptive strike, they all agree on two things: First, regardless of personal politics, that as Americans, the band is hopeful of a quick end to the hostilities and the safe return of all the brave men and women serving with the Coalition Forces overseas; and Second, that the name stays.
Further, the band hasn't ruled out a possible trip to the Middle East to help with morale.
"I actually have a few friends over there right called me from the aircraft that she is serving on", relates Rowell, "I wasn't home but then she e-mailed me the next day and asked for some MP3 files because she said that our songs would cheer her up and that she'd pass them around to her fellow officers. I was thinking about the flack that we're taking back home and here's someone who's actually THERE and wanted to hear our stuff. I was thinking 'Finally! Now THAT'S more like it!'."
Summing it all up Rowell puts it this way, "Think of us as America's Punk Rock Band"."
Posted by roadrash on Wednesday, April 09 @ 07:19:39 MDT
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 Commentary: Improve Your Band’s Image With Little Or No Money - By John Foxworthy (1385 reads)
News and Commentary Getting the exposure your band deserves is easier now than it ever was. With the Internet and all of its resources you can build your band's image with less legwork and more thought on creativity ... and most of it is free! In this article I have illustrated some of the most effective tactics for getting exposure and building your band's image without spending any money at all.
Posted by roadrash on Sunday, April 06 @ 10:05:14 MDT
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 Commentary: Tom Scholz and the Effects Evolution (1904 reads)
News and Commentary I remember listening to music in my early years, basically what my parents listened to. Some songs I liked, some I didn’t … we’ve all been there, eh? Years later, as a musician, I noticed the differences in the way the signals were processed. I looked at music a different way … from the back end, not the end product. This would ruin music for most, enhances it for me.
Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, April 01 @ 19:35:02 MST
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 Commentary: It Came From The 80s: A Tale of Generations Past - By John Foxworthy (1306 reads)
GR News I remember all the Rock concerts I attended as a youngster, the first being Van Halen and Black Sabbath. They were always fun, the hair was big and the chicks were sleezy. In the years past touring has been an up and down battle for most acts and now the Big Hair "Butt-Rock" bands are once again touring. Now that they have an older audience how much fun are they to go see anymore?
Posted by roadrash on Monday, March 17 @ 07:08:25 MST
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 Commentary: The History of African American Music (2144 reads)
News and Commentary Onzou_Records writes "The History of African American Music
By Yaya Diallo

When I saw this title, I was afraid and I’m still afraid regarding my opinion about the subject. The subject is complex and difficult so I cannot resolve it overnight. I am an African. I do things the African way. I cannot write about African American music like a Western scholar. In my culture we live the past and the future in the present. When I listen to some African American music I can feel the past, the present and the future all at the same time. Now, the best way for me to handle this subject is to work by questions and answers."

Note: This is a very insightful and well conducted piece. I found myself quite involved in the commentary put forth by Yaya. This is recommended reading for ALL.

Posted by roadrash on Thursday, March 06 @ 06:18:18 MST
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 Commentary: Thought Crime - A CD Review By Paula J. Wilson (2517 reads)
News and Commentary Thought Crime is an alternative hard-rock, metal band from the East Bay, recorded their first project under the direction of Andy Ernst at the Art of Ears Studio in Hayward, California; releasing it to the public in the Spring of 2001. Their self-titled EP released just months after the band formed has done extremely well selling close to 2000 copies thus far, due to the band s unlimited ambition and barefaced self-promotion.

Note: Paula J. Wilson is a photographer and Senior Staff Writer for and also does several projects for Her writings can be seen on both of these sites.
Posted by Mikeyman on Tuesday, February 04 @ 01:13:54 MST
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 Commentary: It’s a Pro Tools World (we’re just living in it) - By Zach Ziskin (1504 reads)
News and Commentary As a performing and recording artist, as well as a professional engineer and producer, I’ve been privy to many different recording formats, from analog tape to digital reel to reel, to ADAT, to today’s rapidly growing standard of the DAW, or digital audio workstation. Of these, it is the DAW that has become a mainstay in a large number of studios, both professional and home. Today there are many different DAW software packages to choose from, including Logic, Cubase, Nuendo, and Sonar among others. However, of the different DAW platforms available, one has established itself as a de facto standard. That platform is Digidesign’s Pro Tools.

Note: Zach Ziskin is an independent artist and professional sound engineer. For more info visit
Posted by Mikeyman on Tuesday, January 21 @ 20:24:20 MST
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 Commentary: STOP Seeking a Record Label Deal! - By Bob Wilkinson (2894 reads)
News and Commentary As a small but very visible Indie Record Label I am constantly being asked to review an artists material because they are seeking a record contract.

The best advice I can give you is do not pursue a label. Almost all bands think of a label contract as the holy grail of the industry, but there are better ways to spend your time and efforts.Truly, the things that a band should desire are:

Publishing contract
Agency representation
Recording contract
Management representation

The first of these that most artists achieve is a management contract. Many artists hire a friend as their first manager, and that is absolutely ok. A friend, for the most part, will truly look out for the bands interest. Many people claim to be 'managers' these days, but they are only looking to capitalize on the artists work, with no true industry contacts, no real knowledge of how to improve the atrists career opportunities. I call these people pimps. They are glad to take their percentage of royalties and performance fees, but never really get anything solid going for the band.

Note: Bob Wilkinson is Founder and President of Solar Flare Records. He is currently working with a band called Pilot Radio, who are sure to make the big time! Check out
Posted by Mikeyman on Sunday, December 29 @ 15:10:35 MST
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 Commentary: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly – By John Foxworthy (2235 reads)
News and Commentary Throughout the year I have been subject to having the need for several services, both personal and business. Because I now have the power of the press I feel it necessary to share my good experiences and warn others of my bad experiences. To those on my good list, “thank you” … those on my bad list, I haven’t forgotten you!
Posted by Mikeyman on Wednesday, December 18 @ 14:43:59 MST
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 Commentary: NothiN' But Roses - By John Foxworthy (3115 reads)
News and Commentary I originally posted this article on Tuesday morning just before I left for work. As I drove and listened to my regular radio show I was assaulted with the news that the Axl N’ Roses tour was cancelled. I was absolutely livid and immediately removed the article when I got to my desk. The more I thought about it, the more I convinced myself that it was personal. So, I am going to release this story anyway.

Note: Wanna juice your music with the newest wave on the web? GR LIVE!™ lets you broadcast your perfomances live over our stream!
Posted by Mikeyman on Wednesday, December 11 @ 10:02:38 MST
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 Commentary: Musicians, Money And Majors: The Truth Behind The Terror - By John Foxworthy (2300 reads)
News and Commentary It's all too easy to charge the major labels with monopolizing the music industry, but they have only accepted the power we have given them. They want to keep the independent music community condemned to hiding in a house of straw, waiting for them to huff and puff and blow it down. With a good foundation and a strong wall of defense, we can hold our own against all the hot air they can blow at us!

Note: Advertise with Garage Radio! Take advantage of our many available packages and insane introductory offers!
Posted by Mikeyman on Tuesday, December 10 @ 16:59:12 MST
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 Commentary: Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? By John Foxworthy (1215 reads)
News and Commentary With mainstream music dominated by the major labels it’s hard to fathom why anyone would want to stay independent, or is it? The seemingly omnipotent power of “big music” might appear to dwarf the smaller labels, but the independent music scene has a few surprises up its sleeve.

Note: Wanna juice your music with the newest wave on the web? GR LIVE!™ lets you broadcast your perfomances live over our stream!
Posted by Mikeyman on Saturday, November 30 @ 05:48:57 MST
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 Commentary: End of Year Marketing for Your Band - By David Jackson (1552 reads)
News and Commentary End of Year Marketing Idea

This was one of my best ideas. Have your band host your own “Year End Poll” This should be started the mid-October. While this may seem premature, you will see once Halloween comes and goes, the year FLIES by. A local magazine in my area always has a “vote for your favorite” issue. It’s a big honor to get your fans to vote you the best in Cleveland (where I live). Being a musician, I stole that idea to use in the future. I posted my first ever “Year End Poll” in 2001. We have the fans vote on their favorite clubs for food, dance floor, staff, best drinks, etc. In addition we ask for favorite song, worst song, favorite band member (be careful with this one) favorite band that is NOT my band (for networking) etc. We also ask where our fans wish we would play that we are not currently (to get leads on clubs) How we use this:

Note: Vote for Garage Radio. Help keep us #1!
Posted by Mikeyman on Wednesday, November 06 @ 06:25:39 MST
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