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 Indie Sector Alert: The Music Mafia - Godfathers or Hitmen? (11529 reads)
Indie Watchdog The music industry has been getting over on artists since it became an industry. This phenomenon isn’t just confined to the majors, but hits closer to home by infecting the garages and basements of local bands all over the world. If you have something marketable to sell there’s always someone who has something to gain from it … or you’re a target for any sleazy agency that’ll convince you with a good stroking of the ego that you’re the “shiznit” and you’ll go far.
Posted by roadrash on Monday, February 23 @ 23:46:57 MST
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 Indie Sector Alert: Fleecing the Indie Community: The Song Shark Saga Continues (2822 reads)
Indie Watchdog In the weeks since my original article was written and published I have received a virtual mailbag literally full of feedback regarding 97 Radio, Talent 2K and the entire funk surrounding them. Much of the reaction substantiated the results of my initial investigation, however, I was also able to obtain some very damning new information.

Note: Related Article: "Fleecing the Indie Community: The Song Shark Controversy"
Posted by roadrash on Wednesday, October 01 @ 13:04:26 MDT
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 Indie Sector Alert: Fleecing The Indie Community: The Song Shark Controversy (5178 reads)
Indie Watchdog Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the industry a new scam comes along again, creating distrust among the indie community. Scams are nothing new in the business and many have been exposed and dismantled, but today's technology makes it easier for crooked minds to think up new twists on old themes. In the music trade they're called "song sharks." A song shark preys on hopeful musicians and bands, playing on their egos and their desires for fame and fortune, ultimately draining the bands' production funds and leaving them with little more than credit card debt.

Note: Read the Follow-up: "Fleecing the Indie Community: The Song Shark Saga Continues."
Posted by roadrash on Wednesday, July 30 @ 09:24:20 MDT
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 Indie Sector Alert: C.Y.A. On This One (3465 reads)
Indie Watchdog If you have considered participating in a project named "Reality Radio", a compilation CD from a Canada-based company named Lucas-Price, you may want to consider following the tips contained in this article before sending the $300 fee. I have done some preliminary research on the project and my findings are included. I'm still waiting on some other information to come in and when that does I'll follow up this article.

Note: If you're interested in becoming part of the Indie Watchdog team, please join our Yahoo! Group.
Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, June 17 @ 09:29:42 MDT
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