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Monday, October 30
· JAK PARIS To Perform All Access Music Awards
Wednesday, August 23
· Aberdeen City: Gearing Up For Tour With Electric Six
Thursday, July 20
· AOL Music to Premiere JoJo’s New Video “Too Little, Too Late”
Wednesday, June 21
· Ali & Big Gipp Set To Release Kinfolk August 15th
Thursday, June 15
· Tom Petty Signs Exclusive Recording Contract With American Recordings
· All That Remains To Release The Fall Of Ideals
Saturday, April 08
· Wind-Up, Fox And MySpace Announce Undiscovered Band Contest
Friday, March 10
· Rick Rubin To Produce New Slayer Album
Thursday, March 09
· Green Day Kicks Off Fuse's New 'Project This Bitch!' Music Movie Block
Wednesday, March 08
· Type O Negative Drummer Auctioning 'Bloody Kisses' Drum Kit

Older Articles

 News: Limited Edition Of Slayer's Christ Illusion To Be Re-Released July 24 (6669 reads)
Bands New Songs, Bonus DVD Will Coincide with Slayer/Manson Summer Co-Headline North American Tour
Posted by roadrash on Saturday, June 23 @ 07:01:18 MDT
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 News: FTC Asks Court To Shut Down BurnLounge (4427 reads)
News and Commentary The FTC filed a complaint in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California against BurnLounge
Posted by roadrash on Thursday, June 14 @ 08:51:14 MDT
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 News: The Search For The Next Great American Band (3223 reads)
News and Commentary New reality series from the producers of American Idol searches for the ultimate musical group.
Posted by roadrash on Thursday, May 24 @ 08:20:31 MDT
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 News: SoundExchange Extends Offer To Small Webcasters (3018 reads)
News and Commentary Move Responds To Request From Congress To Allow Small Webcasters More Time With Below-Market Rates
Posted by roadrash on Thursday, May 24 @ 07:54:50 MDT
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 News: Onlinegigs Launches New Tour Date Syndication Department (1559 reads)
News and Commentary New advantage to online booking service to further automate distribution of tour dates to music industry portals and media outlets.
Posted by roadrash on Wednesday, May 16 @ 06:48:51 MDT
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 News: Music Community To Begin Paying Musicians (1949 reads)
News and Commentary announces “Fair Share,” an advertising revenue sharing program for artists on the website.
Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, May 15 @ 09:27:55 MDT
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 News: Recording Artists Outraged By Corporate Webcasters' Money Grab (1244 reads)
News and Commentary Senate bill would enrich mega-corporations like Clear Channel and AOL as much as $100M at the expense of artists and record labels.
Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, May 15 @ 09:16:59 MDT
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 News: Digital Music Sales Will Overtake Physical Sales By 2011 (1215 reads)
News and Commentary According to a new research report from the analyst firm Berg Insight, digital music sales will overtake physical sales in Western Europe by 2011.
Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, May 15 @ 09:11:41 MDT
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 News: New Congressional Bill May Reverse Royalty Increase (1030 reads)
News and Commentary A law has been proposed in the US Congress that would overturn a recent ruling on Internet radio royalty payments. The bill could save Internet radio, according to activists.
Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, May 01 @ 09:29:21 MDT
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 News: Grayson Manor Set To Enter Studio With Mike Clink (16135 reads)
Bands Grayson Manor will begin recording their new album on May 7th at Sound Instinct Studios in North Hollywood, CA with producer Mike Clink (Guns N' Roses, Metallica).
Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, April 17 @ 12:11:48 MDT
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 News: Calling All Musicians For Music To Be Placed In Upcoming Bratz Flick (13037 reads)
News and Commentary Geffen Records seeking out all musicians to submit music for the upcoming Bratz movie soundtrack.

Note: Be sure to read the agreement on this carefully before you submit your material. While it IS a good opportunity, it's also not a compensative one.
Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, April 10 @ 16:01:25 MDT
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 News: Guitar Hero II For Xbox 360 Shreds To Retail Shelves (1059 reads)
News and Commentary Activision, Inc. announced that Guitar Hero II for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft is now available on retail shelves nationwide.
Posted by roadrash on Sunday, April 08 @ 19:54:15 MDT
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 News: SoundExchange Calls Webcasters Out (957 reads)
News and Commentary SoundExchange Calls On Webcasters To Recognize Value Of Music Performers To Web-business; Suggests Webcasters Not Telling Whole Story About Royalty Process
Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, April 03 @ 16:49:49 MDT
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 News: Fights For Internet Radio (1051 reads)
News and Commentary Charlotte Indie Radio Is Fighting To Keep Internet Radio Alive At Its Live Music Showcase On Wednesday, April 4th At The Double Door Inn
Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, April 03 @ 16:34:19 MDT
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 News: Red Bull Music Academy Seeks Applicants For 2007 Workshop (1088 reads)
News and Commentary The Legendary Red Bull Music Academy Is Currently Accepting Applications For The Annual Music Workshop Which Will Be Held In Toronto
Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, April 03 @ 16:31:56 MDT
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 News: Slayer Win First-Ever Grammy (1429 reads)
Bands Slayer, the undisputed kings of thrash/punk/metal have been awarded their first-ever Grammy Award. The track, "Eyes of the Insane," from the band's most recent album, Christ Illusion, took the Grammy in the category of Best Metal Performance. Fellow category nominees included Lamb of God, Mastodon, Ministry and Stone Sour.
Posted by roadrash on Monday, February 12 @ 04:59:38 MST
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 News: Slayer To Make Network TV Debut (1497 reads)
Bands Band Will Be Musical Guests on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Friday, January 19
Posted by roadrash on Wednesday, January 10 @ 03:49:30 MST
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 News: Bob Baker Launches New Indie Music Marketing Insiders Club (1513 reads)
News and Commentary "Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook" Author Gives Independent Artists, Managers And Promoters A Free Guest Pass To
Posted by roadrash on Saturday, January 06 @ 00:35:44 MST
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 News: MySpace Artists Concerned About New MyPurchase Service (1696 reads)
News and Commentary MySpace is currently developing a digital download store that will be known as MyPurchase. The company is partnering with web-based music distributor Snocap to create a feature that will let bands sell their music through their MySpace site. Users will be able to buy, download and play MP3s on any device like iPods and the Zune.
Posted by roadrash on Saturday, January 06 @ 00:29:27 MST
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 News: Rolling Stone Declares Their 25 Best Bands On MySpace (1729 reads)
News and Commentary Rolling Stone Magazine thought it was high time someone made the definitive list of MySpace bands. So they asked for their readers' help and received over 1,700 nominations. The process took the good folks at Rolling Stone some time, but now they've announced the top 25. Winners come from a variety of genres: German industrial metal (B.O.S.C.H.), European-style lounge music (Los Super Elegantes), Brian Wilson-esque child prodigy (Ryan Marks Productions) and an array of pop, garage, hip-hop, dance-rock and singer-songwriter stuff. Here are the results:
Posted by roadrash on Friday, December 22 @ 09:23:50 MST
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 News: Radio Station Ownership Consolidation Shown To Harm Musicians, Public (1670 reads)
News and Commentary Senator Feingold commends Future Of Music Coalition for report that examines how concentration in Radio industry has affected competition, localism and diversity.
Posted by roadrash on Friday, December 22 @ 08:43:21 MST
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 News: Music Box Names Bob Dylan's Modern Times Album Of The Year (1896 reads)
News and Commentary Popular E-zine, The Music Box, has released its listing of the best albums of 2006. Topping the list is Bob Dylan's Modern Times.
Posted by roadrash on Friday, December 22 @ 08:34:12 MST
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 News: Nielsen Soundscan Announces Dramatic Increases In Digital Download Sales (1622 reads)
News and Commentary Through The First 49 Weeks Of 2006, Sales Of Individually Downloaded Digital Tracks Are Up More Than 67%
Posted by roadrash on Friday, December 22 @ 08:26:32 MST
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 News: Slayer Scores Grammy Nomination For Eyes Of The Insane (1810 reads)
Bands Slayer's been saying it all along - the war in Iraq is irresponsible lunacy - and while NARAS members may or may not agree with that particular opinion, enough of them agree that the band's "Eyes Of The Insane," from their most recent album Christ Illusion, made enough of a statement to single it out with a Grammy nomination in the category of Best Metal Performance.
Posted by roadrash on Sunday, December 10 @ 10:56:23 MST
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 News: Lamb Of God Receive Grammy Nomination For Redneck (1693 reads)
Bands American metal leaders Lamb of God have garnered a Grammy nomination for "Best Metal Performance" for "Redneck," the scorching first single from their acclaimed album Sacrament.
Posted by roadrash on Friday, December 08 @ 06:38:12 MST
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 News: Copyright Amendment Aimed Against The Creative Community (1692 reads)
News and Commentary Debate In The Legal Affairs Committee Of The Bundestag Must Lead To A Correction In The Law; GEMA And The Deutscher Tonkünstlerverband To Take Joint Action Against Anti-author Provisions.
Posted by roadrash on Sunday, November 26 @ 06:34:55 MST
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 News: Clear Channel Announces Plan To Sell 448 Radio Stations (1673 reads)
News and Commentary Clear Channel to sell radio stations outside the top 100 markets and entire television station group.
Posted by roadrash on Sunday, November 26 @ 06:25:28 MST
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 News: Local Musicians Band Together To Benefit Youth (1713 reads)
News and Commentary New CD Compilation Safe Haven Features Portland's Finest Musicians.
Posted by roadrash on Sunday, November 26 @ 06:10:59 MST
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 News: Music Nation To Launch Global Music Talent Search (2013 reads)
News and Commentary Committed to uncovering genuine, fresh music talent through emerging channels and connected communities, artist development company Music Nation is launching an online video music competition to empower both new and established musicians across the globe. Agreements have been reached with Clear Channel Radio, Epic Records (U.S.), Typhoon/EMI (Asia) and Mercury Records (Europe and Latin America).
Posted by roadrash on Monday, November 13 @ 07:25:16 MST
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 News: Limited Edition Danzig Figures For Your Holiday Gift Guide (1532 reads)
News and Commentary If you're doing a Holiday Gift Guide, consider including the "3 Faces of Danzig," an ultra-cool, limited edition, toy figure series that is the perfect Holiday gift for the music fan who really does have everything.
Posted by roadrash on Wednesday, November 08 @ 15:24:05 MST
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