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 Indie DownUnder: A Shirt For Innocent Cabbage (1998 reads)
News and Commentary The following are the trials and tribulations of a small band of merry men on the search for a good t-shirt. We decided - as any self-respecting band would - that we needed to have band t-shirts to sell, so we should go and have some printed. After having a look at the prices of a few local printers we figured we might as well do it ourselves, and went around the business of finding a supplier for blank t-shirts we could print on...
Posted by roadrash on Sunday, March 13 @ 21:03:06 MST
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 Indie DownUnder: Belladonna DIY (3501 reads)
News and Commentary Welcome to the first 'Indie Downunder' column, brought to you by your friendly neighborhood antipodean, Will Dayble. The whole idea of this column is to showcase what's happening in Australia to the worldwide music community. Bands, festivals, tours, scene and industry news are just some of the topics I'm going to cover.
Posted by roadrash on Wednesday, December 01 @ 04:54:44 MST
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