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 Cool Tools: Seymour Duncan SFX-01 Pickup Booster (1207 reads)
MD News Going into a music store without knowing exactly what you are looking for, can be dangerous to your credit card balance... at least it's that way for me. None the less, occasionally I will indulge my gear lust and wander down to my favorite guitar shop just to see if anything strikes my fancy. A couple of months ago I had a moment of such weakness. On my way home one afternoon, I felt that old familiar tug. I found myself passing up my street and heading a little farther down the road to one of the most wonderful places on earth: DaPray/Maytas Guitar Gallery.
Posted by roadrash on Sunday, February 11 @ 03:02:14 MST
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 Cool Tools: What Every Musician Should Know About Self-Promotion (1348 reads)
MD News For Bob Baker, founder of The Buzz Factor, marketing is his profession and his passion, and marketing for Indie bands is his specialty. Bob has authored numerous books on various aspects of running your Indie band or label as you should: as a business.
Posted by roadrash on Saturday, November 25 @ 04:55:46 MST
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 Cool Tools: Sonoma Wire Works' RiffWorks (1604 reads)
MD News RiffWorks is a very easy to use recording software designed to help you do just that. You simply connect your guitar to your computer's sound card, open the RiffWorks software and start recording. While the company offers the AmpliTube LE plug which is very helpful, you can also use your favorite direct recording gizmo or mic'd amp.
Posted by roadrash on Saturday, November 25 @ 04:38:14 MST
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 Cool Tools: Cool Gizmo Alert: Koch Loadbox II (1612 reads)
MD News The Loadbox II allows a guitarist to couple a tube amp to a mixer, computer or another amplifier directly from the amp's speaker output. There is no need to use a speaker or "dummy load" as the Loadbox II utilizes a reactive load as part of it's circuitry.
Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, August 01 @ 05:26:30 MDT
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 Cool Tools: YourGuitarist Offers Musicians Internet-Based Custom Guitar Tracks (882 reads)
MD News founder Lou Lombardi conceived of the idea of Internet based guitar track development while working with a client with a busy schedule. Due to the client's performance demands, it was difficult to find a time to collaborate. Lou thought there had to be an easier way to work with the artist other than phone conferences and FedEx overnight CD's. Researching this problem led Lou to the Internet, where he worked with partners to develop a system that allows him to remotely collaborate with clients online. Clients can speak with Lou on the phone while also swapping guitar tracks online, leading to fast development of their high quality music.
Posted by roadrash on Wednesday, June 14 @ 14:50:49 MDT
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 Cool Tools: WorkshopLive Launches Online Learning System (3164 reads)
MD News WorkshopLive, which produces the most dynamic and engaging music instruction content on the Web, launched the company's first 600 online lessons for guitar and keyboard. WorkshopLive is a unique online educational platform that delivers personalized music lessons through a broadband Internet connection. Unique among e-learning systems, the company's patent-pending technology determines how each student learns best, then delivers the teachers, lessons and learning environment that best suits the student's needs.
Posted by roadrash on Sunday, March 19 @ 05:41:20 MST
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 Cool Tools: Magnatune: A Voluntary Model For Online Music (1983 reads)
MD News The niche label Magnatune (cf. sources) goes another way. It lets consumers choose from a given price range ($5 to $18). They can pay what they want for music. Moreover, Magnatune offers a free and comprehensive music discovery tool. An online radio service with unlimited streaming lets consumers try out songs they are interested in.
Posted by roadrash on Thursday, December 15 @ 05:32:52 MST
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 Cool Tools: Airplay Direct's New Digital Delivery System (2431 reads)
MD News Airplay Direct is a new digital delivery system for artists and record labels to safely, securely, efficiently, and cost-effectively deliver their music directly to radio stations around the world. The scene I just described above disappears when AirPlay Direct becomes your chosen method of distributing tracks to radio programs, or when you use AirPlay Direct as your method of previewing and securing tracks for your radio program.
Posted by roadrash on Friday, September 16 @ 11:34:52 MDT
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 Cool Tools: Engineers Sing The Praises Of Har-Bal Mastering Software (1833 reads)
MD News Har-Bal, the world's first visual mastering software, has been revolutionizing the mastering process since its launch in August 15th 2003, with sound engineers increasingly turning to the software to improve the quality and efficiency of a variety of studio projects. Harmonic Balancing provides a reliable means of correcting and removing the tonal imbalances inherent in any song, thus producing a more naturally pleasing and agreeable sound to the listening ears. Bal was the result of a collaboration between Paavo Jumppanen, an electrical engineer and an expert in speaker design and room acoustics, and Earle Holder, a highly sought mastering engineer in great demand worldwide, who will be releasing a book named "Mastering Audio Exposed!" in October 2005.
Posted by roadrash on Friday, August 26 @ 05:35:44 MDT
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 Cool Tools: GorillaPop Artist/Fan Community (1546 reads)
MD News GorillaPop is the brainchild of sound designer/composer Lance Massey, who was one of the first to apply computer algorithms to commercial music. Lance developed and released one of the world's first commercially available sound morphing program, a popular tool for major sound designers and composers worldwide. When not recording music in his new "post-modern" studio in New York City or producing and engineering big band jazz CDs, or developing new sound design systems, Lance stays busy supporting his music community site, GorillaPop.
Posted by roadrash on Wednesday, August 10 @ 01:45:42 MDT
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 Cool Tools: E-commerce Application Permits Music Bundle Sales (1999 reads)
MD News The Artists First e-commerce application provides indie artists and labels an alternative income stream to selling CDs. By simply pasting the Artists First HTML code on your website, your fans can now buy your downloads from your site on their mobile phone bill or credit/debit card. Artists First also includes reporting capabilities for download sales, site traffic, fan registration figures and a monthly revenue statement. And inexpensively, too.
Posted by roadrash on Friday, August 05 @ 06:55:34 MDT
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 Cool Tools: VersusMedia Announces Digital Signature Service For Film Licenses (2228 reads)
MD News For most films, there are two distinct types of contract situations, and our system is capable of handling both. Option 1, which covers songs already recorded and mastered, handles both the Master License that grants the right to use a copy of the recording in a film, and Film Synchronization License that grants the right to use a song in timed relation to visual pictures, required to fully license a song for a film. Option 2, which covers original music composed for a film, is handled through a Composer agreement.
Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, April 12 @ 05:14:44 MDT
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 Cool Tools: LightScribe: Laser Etched CD Labeling (7922 reads)
MD News We've all been there: trying to get those last few demos done and in the mail for a publisher/venue/A&R rep ... but now there is LightScribe, a brand new burn-it-right-onto-the-CD labeling system that uses your computer's data drive to create labels. WIth LightScribe products, we can throw those labels and thingamagigies and ink cartridges - no, we'll keep the ink cartridges for those cover letters to that publisher/venue/A&R rep - away and start a brand new day of CD labeling!
Posted by roadrash on Friday, February 11 @ 04:29:18 MST
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 Cool Tools: The Lyricist Brings Simplicity To Songwriting (3595 reads)
MD News The heart of the program is in the "Song Views," which in version 3.0 now has four pages: one to develop lyrics (Song Lyrics), one to create chord charts (Chord Charting), one to create arrangements (Song Arrange), and one to create a number chart (Nashville Charting). Together, these are power tools for your songwriting.
Posted by roadrash on Friday, December 17 @ 05:00:49 MST
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 Cool Tools: The Indie Bible - A Wonderful Tool For The DIY Artist (2800 reads)
News and Commentary "The Indie Bible" is one of the most widely respected resource directories in print today. Its readership spans the globe and it offers massive networking potential to artists and artist representation. I had to see what all the rave was about, so I got a copy and found that this isn't just a directory ... it's a gold mine of useful contacts and articles with the potential to greatly enhance any music career.
Posted by roadrash on Saturday, December 04 @ 14:47:30 MST
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 Cool Tools: The New Future of Artist Management (3215 reads)
News and Commentary So you’d like to take your act on the road, but your contacts are mainly local … save for a few out-of-state venues you got through a friend of a friend. Your band’s funds will cover a road trip, but not the cost of a booking agent with national connections. Before you get frustrated with networking, cold calls, and daily organizers check into
Posted by roadrash on Thursday, June 03 @ 00:11:49 MDT
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