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 GR Presents: Garage Radio Adds New Show To Program Schedule (1707 reads)
GR News “Collective Perspective” Spotlights A Broad Spectrum Of Music And Adds A Refreshing Variety To Garage Radio’s Programming.
Posted by roadrash on Monday, March 28 @ 08:35:42 MST
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 GR Presents: Garage Radio's Best of 2003 (1639 reads)
GR News With so much going on in the world around us, it's good to know that the independent music community is using their talents to help out where they can. The children of the Songs of Love Foundation can attest to that since the release of Garage Radio's "Best of 2003" CD, an assemblage of Rock, Heavy Alternative and Metal, with a hint of Power Pop ... 19 artists came together with offerings of their music to benefit the foundation, maybe artists you've never heard of, but soon will.

Note: This feature contains 5 full-version MP3s from the CD and a sneak peek at the cover art!
Posted by roadrash on Saturday, January 17 @ 12:34:31 MST
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 GR Presents: Tonight on AMC (1058 reads)
GR LIVE!™ Event

Tonight we are featuring a fine guitarist and song writer, Joe Giacoio, a dynamic acoustic folk artist who has been compared to Michael Hedges. Find out more and listen to samples from his CD, "Superman's Midlife Crisis" at his website,

9:00 PM ET


9:00 PM ET

Posted by roadrash on Wednesday, May 28 @ 19:01:24 MDT
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 GR Presents: Our Winner of HOTM 5.2003 (1076 reads)

We'd like to thank everybody who participated in this month's vote. We'd also like to thank the bands for bringing their peeps to the show! This was an exciting vote and a close one at that. From The Desk Of Sally takes it away with a blistering 658 votes! As always we think that all the artists on GR are winners. Thanx all!

From The Desk Of Sally Wins HOTM 5.2003!

From The Desk Of Sally (Pop Alternative) 55 %55 %55 % 55.48 % (658)
Slumlord (Metal) 0 %0 %0 % 0.34 % (4)
Schmange (Rock) 0 %0 %0 % 0.67 % (8)
Superthrive (Hard Rock) 43 %43 %43 % 43.00 % (510)
The Bamboo Kids (Rock) 0 %0 %0 % 0.51 % (6)

Total Votes: 1186
Posted by roadrash on Wednesday, April 30 @ 08:31:32 MDT
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 GR Presents: HOTM Standings Thus Far (1130 reads)

All I can say is WOW! Two of our nominees are just battling it out. First it was From The Desk Of Sally in the lead ... then Superthrive ... now they are neck and neck. This is a fun vote to watch. I urge everyone o check it out and VOTE! the bands all have tunes online for you to listen to and have expressed their appreciation for your interest. ROCK ON!

Current Standings

From The Desk Of Sally (Pop Alternative) 47 %47 %47 % 47.32 % (141)
Slumlord (Metal) 1 %1 %1 % 1.01 % (3)
Schmange (Rock) 2 %2 %2 % 2.35 % (7)
Superthrive (Hard Rock) 47 %47 %47 % 47.65 % (142)
The Bamboo Kids (Rock) 1 %1 %1 % 1.68 % (5)

Total Votes: 298

Note: For more info on the HOTM contest and becoming a nominee please see the FAQ.
Posted by roadrash on Wednesday, April 23 @ 17:33:08 MDT
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 GR Presents: HOTM Reminder (2147 reads)

The voting is going great for a couple of our contenders. All of the Headliner of the Month nominees have been contacted and seem to be getting votes. Visit the artists' web sites and listen to their tunes to make your choice. If you would like to nominate your band or a band you heard or saw on Garage Radio email me after the 1st of the month at

Current Standings
From The Desk Of Sally (Pop Alternative) 49 %FTDOS is kickin' arse at 49 %49 % 49.09 % (54)
Slumlord (Metal) 2 %Great band here .... only 2 %?2 % 2.73 % (3)
Schmange (Rock) 5 %Following the competition with 5 %5 % 5.45 % (6)
Superthrive (Groove) 40 %Obviously a fan driven act ... 40 %40 % 40.00 % (44)
The Bamboo Kids (Rock) 2 %They just need to advertise ... 2 %2 % 2.73 % (3)

Total Votes: 110
Posted by roadrash on Sunday, April 20 @ 08:46:06 MDT
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 GR Presents: HOTM 4.2003 - Congratulations to Debby Thacker (1102 reads)
News and Commentary It was a close battle between Debby Thacker and Misfilter, But Our new HOTM for April 2003 has rung true. Her fan support was amazing from the get go. Even though Misfilter started late they gave Deb a run for her money. Deborah will win a 1 hour GR LIVE! session for 100 listeners, have blocks of her music played on the GR stream all month long and get lots of cool press! Check out her website at
Deborah Thacker Wins HOTM 4.2003

Deborah Thacker 54 %54 %54 % 54.07 % (352)
Misfilter 45 %45 %45 % 45.16 % (294)
Serena Lauren 0 %0 %0 % 0.15 % (1)
The Bamboo Kids 0 %0 %0 % 0.31 % (2)
Soulstice22 0 %0 %0 % 0.31 % (2)

Total Votes: 651
Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, April 01 @ 11:37:16 MST
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 GR Presents: Kill By Inches ... Killing By Miles! (1277 reads)
Bands We have the final results for HOTM 2.2003! The winner is painfully obvious, but even more painful was the lack of participation otherwise. Kill By Inches fully deserves the honor for their talent and style ... their fan support helped too! Check them out at

HOTM 2/03

Kill by inches (Groove) 90 %90 %90 % 90.72 % (176)
The Scobeys (Metal) 2 %2 %2 % 2.06 % (4)
Heat Featuring Nexxis (Hip Hop) 1 %1 %1 % 1.55 % (3)
Digby Wallace (Pop) 3 %3 %3 % 3.61 % (7)
Michael Garrett (Rock/Instrumental) 2 %2 %2 % 2.06 % (4)

Note: Wanna juice your music with the newest wave on the web? GR LIVE!™ lets you broadcast your perfomances live over our stream!
Posted by Mikeyman on Thursday, January 30 @ 20:27:27 MST
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 GR Presents: Don Slepian Live! (1390 reads)
GR LIVE!™ Event Tonight you can experience Don Slepian live once again. Don has been hailed by Rolling Stone Magazine as "... one of the genre's major talents..." and "a leading practitioner of New Age music." by The Home News with his style of New Age Electronica .

Showtime is at 10:00pm EST and will have openings for 40 listeners (20 per channel). To tune in to Don's show for High Speed Internet CLICK HERE. Listeners with Dial Up Internet can CLICK HERE.

To learn more about Don Slepian and his music visit

Note: Wanna juice your music with the newest wave on the web? GR LIVE! lets you broadcast your perfomances live over our stream!
Posted by Mikeyman on Saturday, December 28 @ 10:36:23 MST
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 GR Presents: Back by Popular Demand! Don Slepian (2121 reads)
GR LIVE!™ Event Garage Radio is pleased to present Don Slepian in a second showing. Due to the success of his first GR LIVE!™ performance Don's unique electronic style will be broadcast via on our hottest new service AGAIN!. Don Slepian is an innovator of the New Age trend, being dubbed "one of the genre's major talents" by Rolling Stone Magazine and "a master of his medium" by The Newark Star Ledger.

Click for the show schedule and tune into Don's show

Note: Wanna juice your music with the newest wave on the web? GR LIVE!™ lets you broadcast your perfomances live over our stream!
Posted by Mikeyman on Tuesday, December 10 @ 03:07:34 MST
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 GR Presents: IN YOUR FACE - METAL TO THE CORE TOUR! (2317 reads)
Posted by Mikeyman on Thursday, November 28 @ 05:24:52 MST
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 GR Presents: December 2002: Judge Drain (1193 reads)

The Headliner of the Month contest broke a lot of ground for GR this month. It was the first time we offered a poll for the award. It was a huge success and the winner? Judge Drain. We really like Judge Drain's brand of Heavy Metal and their fans agree. With over 50% of the votes we can see that this band is going to be at the top when they get signed.

Note: Keep your favorite music site at the top. VOTE FOR GR!

Posted by Mikeyman on Thursday, November 28 @ 00:01:57 MST
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 GR Presents: Its been a little while... (1145 reads)
Shows Since I've been to GarageRadio, since school has been in session, and the Internet in my dorm room has been attacked by a virus. But I just wanted to say hi and that music is going awesomely! and so, of course, I can't wait to graduate in 1.6 years. In a few weeks on Dec. 15th , I'm playing a 20 minute set on a televised benefit show out of the Bay Area (sponsored by SoundwavesTV) so if anyone is familiar with that, cool!! Then on New Years, I'm off to play First Night Stockton a huge festival in Northern California, along with Groovie Ghoulies, Jacket Weather, The Woods, Megan Slankard are also playing!! I am so impressed with how fast GarageRadio has grown, and how much information about music is now on this site! serena lauren

Note: Serena Lauren was one of the first artists to submit music to Garage Radio. Thanx Serena!
Posted by Mikeyman on Sunday, November 17 @ 09:30:14 MST
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 GR Presents: Delay Janas Shows in November (2169 reads)
Bands Lots of stuff happening on the front. T-Shirts will now be available @ all of our upcoming shows. We have various sizes for your choosing. In additon more merchandise will be made soon so you can express la delay in whatever manner you wish (well most heh). This coming weekend is gonna be killer so check it out.

November 1st (Friday) @ "Some dudes house" Nalga-Fest (Don't ask) (14641 sw 50 st.) Bands: Where angels fear to tread, delay janas, rawvia, reason, waiting theory, shunned away, Price: $1 - Show @ 4:30 PM

November 2nd (Saturday) @ Kaffe Krystal (S.W. 107th Ave and S.W. 72nd St. behind the Wendy's) Bands: Shattered Sunrise, Reason, Simplekill, Delay Janas, School For Heroes, Twice The Sun, Price: $7 - Doors: 4:00 PM Show @ 4:30 PM

November 23 (Saturday) @ Kaffe Krystal "Localpalooza" (S.W. 107th Ave and S.W. 72nd St. behind the Wendy's) Bands: Mindfed, Inner Element, Far from, Switchmode, Xeon Switch, Delay Janas, Shattered Sunrise, Wasted Circle, All is well, Groovenics,

Directions? Other Questions? email Delay Janas

Note: Vote for Garage Radio. Help keep us #1!
Posted by Mikeyman on Monday, October 28 @ 08:17:18 MST
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 GR Presents: G Bros Shows (1678 reads)
Bands G will be performing the following shows in November:

Nov 15 Jay's Sports Bar, Cecil, Pa
Nov 16 Pitt Club, Oakland (Pittsburgh), Pa
(Fundraiser for the Gemini Theater)
Nov 22 Monaca VFW (Fundraiser for Ron Rogan)
Nov 30 Boston Waterfront Restaurant & Lounge

For more information on shows and times email the band

For more info on the band visit their site at
Posted by Mikeyman on Thursday, October 24 @ 11:43:46 MDT
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 GR Presents: Upcoming Shows (1766 reads)
Bands Sat. 1/25 Outback Lodge, Charlottesville, VA-BROADZILLA
Sat. 12/14 Outback Lodge, Charlottesville, VA-LoJack
Sat. 12/7 Outback Lodge, Charlottesville, VA-My Dog Lucy
Thur. 11/28 Outback Lodge, Charlottesville, VA-All of 15
Sat. 11/16 Bottom Line, Richmond, VA Heavydrop & Octane Saints
Thur. 11/14 Outback Lodge, Charlottesville, VA-Heavy Drop &The Lucifers
Thur. 11/7 Alley Katz, Richmond, VA (Benefit fashion show for the VA Food Bank)
Thur. 10/31 Halloween Rock Fest at the Outback Lodge
Novacaine, Rufus Sun (Atlanta, GA), Unit F
Sat. 10/26 Millers, Charlottesville, VA
Thur. 10/24 Outback Lodge, Charlottesville, VA-One Slack Mind

Note: Vote for Garage Radio. Help keep us #1!
Posted by Mikeyman on Thursday, October 24 @ 05:18:54 MDT
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 GR Presents: November 2002 - Absent Me (1543 reads)
Bands GR's Headliner of the month for November 2002.

Note: Vote for Garage Radio. Help keep us #1!
Posted by Mikeyman on Wednesday, October 23 @ 14:08:38 MDT
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 GR Presents: September 2002 - The B.O.G (1866 reads)
Bands The B.O.G is Garage Radio's September Headliner of the Month"
Posted by Mikeyman on Monday, October 14 @ 11:17:25 MDT
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 GR Presents: October 2002 - Silent Fate (1053 reads)
Bands Garage Radio picks Silent Fate as October's "Headliner of the Month"
Posted by Mikeyman on Monday, October 14 @ 11:12:32 MDT
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 GR Presents: FigmenT Show!! (1869 reads)
Shows rob writes "FIGMENT is Playing at DRIFTERS in SAGINAW MI on OCTOBER 17th. Battle Of The Bands. $5.00 18-21 & $2.00 21 and up. 4 bands, Starts at 9:00pm. for more details or directions."
Posted by Mikeyman on Monday, September 16 @ 19:14:46 MDT
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