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 GR Artists: ROCK THE VOTE IN NYC (1741 reads)
Bands Jeryl writes "Jeryl of From the Desk of Sally will be doing a Rock the Vote showcase hosted by EMI."
Posted by roadrash on Thursday, October 07 @ 10:19:02 MDT
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Bands jtbrat642 writes "New York City-based indie rockers The Baghdaddios have agreed to a series of several impromptu shows later this month through the Midwest. Funny thing, though: the group had NO plans on touring - until they received an offer they couldn't refuse. "
Posted by roadrash on Thursday, October 07 @ 09:46:49 MDT
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 GR Artists: Rictus Grin Plays Preshow Party for Ministry and Thrill Kill Kult (1253 reads)
Shows rictusgrin writes "Acts performing at the Preshow Party Include:

The Headliners for the Main Show:

The Rave
2401 West Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53233
(414) 342-RAVE

6pm, All Ages, Drink W/ID
Tickets available at Ticketmaster!"
Posted by roadrash on Thursday, September 23 @ 01:48:27 MDT
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 GR Artists: J.C. Mathews third rock guitar CD now available at CD Baby (1630 reads)
Bands jcmathews writes "J.C. Mathews’ third collection of melodic rock guitar instrumentals, “Shades of Gray,” is now on sale at CD Baby!

Rock guitar lovers can sample tracks and purchase the CD at

"Shades of Gray" is a collection of textures, moods and moments for lovers of rock guitar. From its Gothic anthem title track, to the all-out rock charge of "Whirlwind," to the speed shuffling of the blues rocker "Barfly Bop" and the haunting "Doors and Windows," "Shades of Gray" has something for everyone. So tune up the air guitar!

J.C.’s previous releases, “Heidelberg” (2002) and “Into the Unknown” are also available at CD Baby. Listeners can see the entire J.C. Mathews catalog at

J.C. Mathews has been inventing and reinventing his melodic rock guitar sound for more than 25 years. A native of Georgia, J.C. learned his first riffs by observing the Southern rock movement up close. He later studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, and worked to fuse his blues-rock upbringing with the technical mastery of the jazz fusion world.

Now, years later, his playing shows the impact of a wildly divergent group of influences, from Al Dimeola, Carlos Santana and Ritchie Blackmore, to Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, Mark Knopfler and many, many others. Over the years, J.C. lent his unique blend of guitar worlds to dozens of artists. Now, his solo work reflects a philosophy which he sums up in one sentence: the sound of an electric guitar is a beautiful thing and deserves a melody.

Learn more about J.C.’s work at his home page,
Posted by roadrash on Saturday, September 18 @ 18:17:33 MDT
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 GR Artists: Tesla's Back Into It - Paula Wilson (2060 reads)
Bands Some things just get better with time, like a fine wine, aged brandy, and Tesla. Being a huge Tesla fan from way back when, I'm stoked to hear the band once more when I turn on my radio, sounding just as incredible to my ears, as they did a decade ago...ah, sweet nectar of the gods!
Posted by roadrash on Saturday, March 27 @ 18:30:39 MST
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 GR Artists: OFFICIAL NEW PARADOX RELEASE!!! (1044 reads)
Bands paradoxrock writes "Irish Alternative rockers 'Paradox' are set to release their second full lenght album 'Sacred'. After the success of their debut album 'Circle of Growth' to the follow up of the 'Sacred' EP Paradox are setting new standards in Alternative Music. The 'Sacred' EP is set to be re-released with the edition of six new tracks, plus an exclusive CD Rom containing the video for the track 'Lame & Languid', which appears on the GR Best of 2003 CD.

Posted by roadrash on Sunday, February 08 @ 19:00:28 MST
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 GR Artists: Best of 2003 - The Bands Speak Up (2411 reads)
Bands Garage Radio is a young site with a bright future. Their latest project, the Best of 2003 compilation CD, is a culmination of the top rockers Garage Radio presented last year. Being a not-for-profit forum for artists and industry to mingle, GR released the album and plans to donate half of the proceeds to the Songs of Love Foundation and pay out the other half to the artists. It's obvious the fans love the music, but what do the bands on GR's Best of 2003 CD have to say?
Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, January 27 @ 11:23:21 MST
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 GR Artists: GliTCHeD Enters Studio (2300 reads)
Bands Sat Jan 24th is the scheduled date to begin principle recording for the As Yet Untitled Debut CD from Northern California alternative metal band GliTCHeD in their brand new private studio, located in the home of dummer Mark Allen, and whatever form the final set of tracks on the CD takes, it's clear that the five-piece band, which also features Jason Pate and Dave Thornhill on Guitar and Elias Longoria on Bass, won't be keeping copies to themselves.
Posted by roadrash on Saturday, January 24 @ 15:08:56 MST
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 GR Artists: Heavy Metal Group Seasons Of The Wolf Team Up With New Horror Film (2230 reads)
General Skullywolf writes "THE VAN - NEW and coming soon!!! A new Horror film by Tri-Toad Productions with 19 Seasons Of The Wolf tunes in the soundtrack!
****Review quote from RockHardHorror - I have a personal interest in this film as I know the band who did most of the soundtrack, Seasons Of The Wolf. The guys make great use of this Gothic Metal band who claim influences from Tangerine Dream to Iron Maiden. They make great use of their music to create dark atmosphere throughout the film.
- Torch
Posted by roadrash on Monday, December 15 @ 09:18:46 MST
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 GR Artists: Yaya Diallo: African musician, New Release (3381 reads)
GR News Onzou_Records writes "New CD Release: Live at Club Soda

"Yaya Diallo goes electric on 'Live at Club Soda' with his band Kanza adding guitar, bass, drum set sax, violin, backup singers, and more. The result is hypnotic dance music with one foot planted in village music, the other kicking toward jazz and funk. ... While it may sound like a break from his healing-orientated traditional albums, the same depth of meaning pervades this CD. ... Live at Club Soda is a fine example of traditional music updated."
- Scott Stevens, World Music Director, KAOS-FM, Olympia, WA."
Posted by roadrash on Sunday, December 14 @ 19:16:03 MST
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 GR Artists: Holiday and the Adventure Pop Collective making a TV appearance in San Diego (1502 reads)
Bands adventurepop writes "Holiday and the Adventure Pop Collective will be making an appearance December 6th on KUSI TV Channel 9, San Diego. They will be performing two to three songs on the “Weekend Morning Show” between 8 and 10am to help promote the release of their new EP entitled “Potential is a Dangerous Thing.”"
Posted by roadrash on Thursday, December 04 @ 09:27:47 MST
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 GR Artists: nu-clear (1364 reads)

"Live it up today, live every day just like it was your last to live
Take all that you can take, and give what you can give
Tomorrow may never come."

-Lyrics from "Living for Today" by nu-clear and words of wisdom from this talented young songwriter, Ryan Gillmor [22yrs], front man for the band nu-clear, claiming Placerville, California, as their home turf.

Posted by roadrash on Friday, November 14 @ 12:46:20 MST
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 GR Artists: The new EP by Serena Lauren--''Waking Up'' (1536 reads)
Bands serenalauren writes "I recently recorded an EP called "Waking Up" with Jack Trammell at Fat Cat Recording. I am stoked with how the songs turned out--this was my first time working with full band instrumentation and a producer. Two of the songs are now availabe for listen at . I would love to share these with you! Also, the cd will be up for sale soon at . I am now looking around for the right management company and label. "
Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, September 30 @ 14:23:50 MDT
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 GR Artists: Bluekarma - By Paula Wilson (1708 reads)
Bands Ohio based band, Bluekarma, possesses a solid, hard Rock foundation, multi-layered with variations in Pop, Alternative, and Metal. Their musical sound being radio friendly has the potential to cross more than just one market appealing to a rather unique, as well as large, listening audience in the early teens, mid twenties-early thirties, also capturing a select few in the upper thirties and early forties brackets.
Posted by roadrash on Sunday, September 07 @ 21:16:28 MDT
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 GR Artists: Following New Release, Superna Signs Contract with Infinite Management, LLC (2286 reads)
Bands Houston Texas based rock band Superna, a Solar Flare Records recording artist signed a management contract with Arizona based management company Infinite Management LLC September 9th, 2003.
Posted by roadrash on Sunday, September 07 @ 10:32:09 MDT
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 GR Artists: From The Desk of Sally Rising up the Pop Charts on (1104 reads)
Bands jeryl writes "From The Desk of Sally uploaded the song "I Told You So" to Congratulations are in order! The song did a bang up job in Round 2 of the Active Contest,and held its own against some stiff competition. It's been reviewed by folks all over the world, been subjected to raw, unfiltered scrutiny from people they don't even know...and guess what?.... the people liked it! The blood, sweat and tears have paid off."
Posted by roadrash on Sunday, September 07 @ 09:23:57 MDT
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 GR Artists: From The Desk of Sally in the Top 5 for the Cabo Wabo Battle of the Bands (2268 reads)
Bands jeryl writes "NYC ambassador band FROM THE DESK OF SALLY is still in the running for the Hard Rock Cafe, NYC battle for a shot at Cabo Wabo!"
Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, September 02 @ 21:45:44 MDT
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 GR Artists: Abigails Attic (1602 reads)
Shows abischronic writes "Come see Abigails Attic @ The Adams Ave. Street Fair .September 28th ,Sunday from 2 - 3 pm on The Planet Stage ,34th & Adams Ave. Northpark,
San Diego, CA !"
Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, September 02 @ 15:49:20 MDT
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 GR Artists: New :: Harold's Trousers :: ALBUM in the works (2725 reads)
Bands thumpa writes "Harold's trousers new album "Sailing The Seven Seams" is in the midst. This "akwardly original" "urban" "Pirate-carny-rasta-pimp-core-fusion-thrash-polka-dub-knee-spankin' funk" conceptual album will be the first Reality based Full-Length from the trousers. expect it's release in late may. oh yeah. for more info"
Posted by roadrash on Monday, August 18 @ 08:02:46 MDT
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 GR Artists: Djembe Drum Music: Yaya Diallo Interrupts the Silence (2199 reads)
News and Commentary Very often I'm asked to write articles on the subject of drum music. During my 20 years of experience as an instructor of drumming and dance in Africa, Europe, Asia, U.S.A., Canada and the Antilles I always avoided the ambiguous subjects. One day I said to myself, "Enough, it's enough! Stop the massacre." I have my share of responsibility and guilt in the tragedy that we are living today regarding African percussion. I am going to write a series of articles with the frankness and honesty of style for which I am known. I assure you there will be tears and grinding of teeth over some of the reading. Too bad for the lame ducks!
Posted by roadrash on Thursday, August 07 @ 11:37:52 MDT
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 GR Artists: From The Desk Of Sally Promotes New CD at NYC's Hard Rock Cafe (2105 reads)
Bands New York City’s Hard Rock Café will be the scene for one of the most exciting events to grace the East Coast since the landing of the Mayflower. From The Desk Of Sally, New Jersey’s premier Alternative/Pop act, will be holding a televised record release party to celebrate their newest CD, “I Told You So.”

Note: Free tickets are still available to this show. Email for more info.
Posted by roadrash on Thursday, August 07 @ 11:16:47 MDT
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 GR Artists: TV Coverage GB Band Record Release Party @ THE HARD ROCK CAFE NYC (1586 reads)
Shows Jeryl writes "East coast pop/rock band meets west coast television via From The Desk of Sally and SWETV. Headlining both national and regional acts, the award-winning series, Sidewalks Entertainment Television, is a weekly talk / music / variety TV series, currently being seen on several cable stations in the San Francisco Bay Area market. Sidewalks has chosen to cover From The Desk of Sally's Record Release party on August 21 , 2003. Rafael Siegel will be covering the story with his SWETV staff."
Posted by roadrash on Saturday, August 02 @ 14:32:35 MDT
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 GR Artists: Solarcade - By Paula Wilson (3156 reads)
Bands Solarcade uses all the basic elements in their music [comprising the lyrical genius of Paul Van with the masterful writing of Pomilla, Heath, and Jon; topping it off with an electrifying stage presence], thereby creating a cumulative sound that positively overwhelms and impacts the music industry, as well as their cult like fan base.
Posted by roadrash on Monday, July 21 @ 18:44:02 MDT
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 GR Artists: Pilot Radio Meets Universal Records (1266 reads)
Bands Solar Flare Records and recording artist Pilot Radio today announce they have licensed Antiques to Universal Records, Philippines. Antiques, Pilot Radio's first LP has received critical acclaim since its release September 17th, 2002.

Universal Records (not affiliated with Universal Music Group) is the first international record label to license Pilot Radio's record, but not likely the last. Negotiations are underway with several labels in Europe and South America. Solar Flare Records also plans to attend the MIDEM convention in January to seek additional license opportunities.

For information contact

Note: For more info on Solar Flare Records and how you can get representation at MIDEM 2004 READ THIS!
Posted by roadrash on Monday, July 21 @ 09:32:32 MDT
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 GR Artists: Pilot Radio on the Road to Town Fair (1867 reads)
Bands Pilot Radio, modern pop/rock band from Houston, Texas has one more accolade to add to their collection, as winners of the Houston portion of the Hard Rock Café’s Road To Town Fair competition. The contest, much like a battle of the bands, was held at 18 different Hard Rock Café’s across the country. The top band from each location, based on popular vote, goes on to an Internet only vote process, to narrow the field to five. From those five, two will be selected to perform at the Hard Rock in Philadelphia, and the winner from that nights event will open the Rolling Rock Town Fair concert for national artists such as 311, Blink 182 and Def Leppard among others.
Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, July 01 @ 17:05:06 MDT
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 GR Artists: From The Desk Of Sally: Jersey Girl Makes Good - By John Foxworthy (2262 reads)
Bands Jeryl Orsino is no different than any girl, on any block, in any neighborhood, in any town except that she is the “frontman” for From The Desk of Sally, an Alternative Pop act from northern New Jersey, USA. Jeryl has added a whole new quality to a territory previously governed by men. The band’s latest accomplishment comes in a form separate from their earlier creations. From The Desk Of Sally changed direction with their latest EP, “I Told You So”, appealing to a larger audience with the CD’s title track and demonstrating their range and variable ability. 
Posted by roadrash on Thursday, June 26 @ 08:14:54 MDT
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 GR Artists: YAYA DIALLO Musician/Author from Mali, West Africa (1943 reads)
News and Commentary Yaya Diallo, a native of Mali West Africa, is the embodiment of a
country renowned for its rich musical culture. Inspired by his
intimate experience in traditional village life Yaya expresses his
profound knowledge of West African healing arts in his instrumental
album Nangapè of West African drumming, balafon and flute music.
Yaya Diallo’s albums The Healing Drum, Dounoukan and Dombáa
Folee offer ceremonial, ritual and Minianka medicine music of Mali.
Posted by roadrash on Saturday, June 14 @ 12:50:14 MDT
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 GR Artists: KBI Gets Major Exposure From GR EVENT! (1574 reads)
Bands Our April 8th Webcast of Kill By Inches seemed to have made a huge impact on the music community. Their web site was doing over a thousand hits a day just from the press generated by this event. Kevin Oriol of KBI sent us this press release ...

Note: This live webcast was provided using GR LIVE!™. If your band is interested in a GR LIVE!™ session visit the GR LIVE!™ page.
Posted by roadrash on Sunday, April 20 @ 12:10:48 MDT
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 GR Artists: KBI LIVE TONIGHT ON GR! (1316 reads)
GR LIVE!™ Event TONIGHT the only place to be is right here at GR where Kill By Inches will be performing LIVE from the GR studio. KBI is February's Headliner of the Month and for good reason. Their Groove/Core style is banging and their technique is second to none! As a bonus we will be webcasting LIVE streaming video of the event via Quicktime for broadband users. This is a must-hear, must-see event not recommended for the faint of heart! At 8:00 PM EST the Internet will be knocked on it's arse by the heaviest band on the independent scene: KILL BY INCHES!

8:00 PM EST


8:00 PM EST



Note: The video portion of this event is not a product of Garage Radio and is still an experimental technology.
Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, April 08 @ 12:07:45 MDT
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 GR Artists: Mr.E(songwriter) & The (2936 reads)
Bands MrEsongwriter writes "Mr.E(songwriter) and his band have just finished their 4th cd entitled the "Tall Ships".each of his cd's so far have taken on lives of their own, this talented songwriter and his band of musicians seem to have it all. A thread of mystery sown into each song , takes you here and there and then back again .see if you can unravel them , the artist has woven several into each cd ! enjoy...."
Posted by roadrash on Sunday, April 06 @ 10:37:46 MDT
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