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Ella Blame, a Psychedelic Pop, Psychedelic Dance and Ethereal/Ambient duo has contributed its music to the soundtrack of a feature film titled "Discover Me

This movie has been produced by jenkev productions, Inc., an independent New York, NY, and Dallas, TX, based film company founded and managed by theater and film professionals, Jennifer Clary and Kevin Haberer.

"Discover Me" is a cutting-edge feature film exhibiting especially realistic concepts developed to establish a new genre in today's film arena that examines an Internet community's impact on the formation of modern day relationships. Three interwoven stories provide the foundation for "Discover Me". The first segment follows the rocky relationship that develops between an agoraphobic painter and a man living in her apartment building. The second plot revolves around a closet masochist's attempts to fulfill his private longings. The final story thread explores the complications that arise when a girl on the rebound finds herself falling in love with a eunuch.

jenkev productions has chosen the Ella Blame duo's music on their debut CD titled "Ineffable Desire" as the soundtrack for its film "Discover Me" because Ella Blame's groundbreaking and partially revolutionary music perfectly fits into the film scenarios that tell stories of living in today's society that is heavily influenced by cyberspace and other digital media environments.

"Discover Me" will be presented to film professionals and the public audience at a variety of film festivals around the world.

For more information about "Discover Me", please contact:

Jennifer Clary
E-Mail: jennifer@jenkevproductions.com
Web site: www.jenkevproductions.com

Ella Blame
E-Mail: ella@ella-blame.com
Web site: www.ella-blame.com

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