Garage Radio Seeks Creative Staff Members
Date: Friday, July 08 @ 07:50:43 MDT
Topic: GR News

Since our induction into the scene in 2002, Garage Radio has been a premier source for new music and the people who drive it. Thanks to a modest, but dedicated, nationwide staff Garage Radio has transcended beyond a simple news site and radio stream to become a highly respected source of exposure for both independent and major artists alike.

To date Garage Radio has run over 1200 articles, which are read by an average of 750,000 visitors per month, on subjects ranging from event coverage, career advice, interviews, industry news and in-depth investigative pieces to album, book and product reviews. Our radio stream is heard by thousands of listeners per week and our original shows are getting syndication around the world.

Now entering our fourth year online, we're preparing to reach for the next level. While we mainly focus on unsigned or up-and-coming music, we also cover many name acts in order to bring attention to the independent artists. Our goal is simple: to provide a level plane of exposure for all artists, regardless of their national status, genre or market.

For those who like to discover new music, attend concerts, meet artists or capture powerful performances on film, Garage Radio can easily be a springboard into music journalism.

Anyone with a flare for reviewing CDs, interviewing national and local acts, attending and/or photographing concerts and events, contributing articles or columns, reviewing new music for airplay, testing and researching new products and services or programming play lists will be right at home.

Appreciation for any genre is welcome, but the areas of greatest need are hip-hop, R&B, metal, electronic, blues, country & western and pop. Garage Radio receives it's leads from some of the largest PR firms, publications and independent labels in the world and our contact list is continuously growing. Additionally, we?re one of the most valued publications for new releases and music publicity on the Web, revered for the quality and consistency of our work.

All of our contributors do so on a mostly volunteer basis, as Garage Radio is not yet a commercial entity. Compensation comes in the form of CDs, free concert tickets, free products from our sponsors and cuts of any adevrtising we sell; however, many of our staff members have been offered great prospects through their work with Garage Radio and opportunities become available often.

We accommodate all experience levels and are willing and eager to train. Anyone interested in becoming a part of GR can apply HERE

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