Lamb Of God
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Lamb Of God greeted a metal-hungry crowd in Florida with a mother fucking invitation of epic proportions. St. Petersburg's Jannus Landing was the scene of massive devastation as a mob primed by Gojira, Machine Head and Trivium watched the boys play themselves to the bone ... and the pit wasn't the only place spitting up casualties!

Lamb Of God 
By Brandy Cline
Photos by Michelle LaRose

Lamb Of God rolled through Florida on a spring tour promoting their latest album Sacrament. The scene was an open courtyard venue called Jannus Landing in downtown St. Petersburg, while Gojira, Machine Head and Trivium warmed up the crowd.

Mark Morton

The band was welcomed on the stage to the crowd chanting, "Lamb Of God! Lamb Of God!" Fog rolled off the stage as the lights faded into black. The lights began to flash with the beating of the drums as the band broke into "Hourglass." The crowd screamed with their horns held high. The music could be felt vibrating through your body as Randy screamed, "Gimme' some fuckin' noise!" The crowd roared in response.

The band and the crowd were thrashing as one as Randy dowsed his head with water and the band rolled into "Again We Rise" from their latest album Sacrament.

Randy took time out to yell, "Most people don't understand touring. We couldn't do it alone if not for the road crew! Make some noise for the road crew!" The band ripped into "Walk With Me In Hell." The stage looked like the flames in Hades with red, orange and white lights. Randy paced the stage as he yelled, "Get those fuckin' horns up!" The crowd complied and banged their heads in unison.

Randy taunted the crowd with 'come hither' fingers. He yelled "This one's called 'Ruin.'" Bassist John Campbell and lead guitarist Willy Adler thrashed together. An excited fan mounted the stage and thrashed with the band momentarily before diving back into the crowd. The mosh pit went crazy surrounded by a sea of fists and horns. 

As the band raged on with "Pathetic," the mosh pit expanded to cover most of the courtyard. Randy urged the pit on by screaming, "Come on!" At song's end Randy exclaimed, "Thank you very God damned much!" and threw his microphone to the ground. 

They kicked into "As The Palaces Burn" and the bouncers were hard at work ejecting overzealous and over intoxicated patrons from the courtyard. 

Blue fog rolled off the stage and LOG played "More Time To Kill," yet another offering from Sacrament. Randy paced the stage as John, Mark and Willy thrashed in union. The mosh pit was again in a frenzy. 

Before playing "Blacken The Cursed Sun," Randy asked the crowd, "Are you tired yet?" He was answered with a roaring, "No!"

"Do you want more music or what?"

This time the roar was, "Yes!"

"Alright mother fuckers!"

Lamb Of God (l-r): Willie Adler, John Campbell, Chris Adler, Randy Blythe, Mark Morton

Blue and white flickering lights were the backdrop for four simultaneous mosh pits. The courtyard raged. The multiple mosh pits melded back into a sweaty adrenaline-wired crowd as the band kicked into "Bloodletting." Randy yelled, "For those of you who don't know, we used to be called Burn The Priest!" They blasted into the song under a veil of red and purple lights.

"I want to see those horns up!" The crowd obeyed as Randy and John urged them for more. 

Randy introduced "11th Hour" by stating, "Here's a beer drinking song for you!" Heads started banging as the nonstop guitars raged on. Randy ended the song by toasting the crowd with his cup, "Cheers mother fuckers!" The crowd responded with a resounding "Yeah!"

As they raged into "Now You've Got Something To Die For," Randy screamed, "Get those fucking horns up St. Pete!" The crowd raised their horns to the sky as they head banged along. Randy held the microphone out to the crowd. "Sing it!' he howled. The crowd sang, "Now you've got something to die for!" Randy refreshed himself with another water bottle bath then slung it into the jumping crowd. 

Chris Adler

After the song finished bassist John Campbell hurriedly left the stage. Randy exclaimed, "This entire tour has been plagued with disease! Our bass player had to go throw up! Make some noise for John!" The crowd chants, "Lamb Of God! Lamb Of God!" Randy retorted, "Fuck that! I want to hear it for John Campbell!" The crowd chanted, "John Campbell! John Campbell!"  and the remaining band members exited the stage. 

Moments later the band returned, less John. Randy told the crowd that they would be doing the next song, "Laid To Rest," without him. Randy dedicated the tune to John and instructed the crowd to "...get those hands up St. Pete!" The stage blackened as the song ended and the band left the stage. The crowd roared and started chanting, "Wall Of Death! Wall Of Death!" Randy returned to the stage alone.

"That's up to you mother fuckers, not me! This next song is for all the mother fuckers that came down in their trucks to see us!"

John came back onstage. The crowd went wild. The band ripped into "Redneck." Red fog rolled off the stage as intense white lights flickered with the beat. The crowd sang along and thrashed wildly. 

Then it was time for "Black Label," Willy motioned to the crowd as if he was parting the sea. Lamb Of God tradition dictates that this is the song that normally cues the crowd to execute the Wall Of Death, the dividing of the crowd which will then rush each other head on as in a battlefield war. Randy screeches, "Are you ready St. Pete? Here we go! One, two, three!" The crowd parted. A mosh pit formed in lieu of the Wall. The crowd's energy was relentless. 

As the final song of the evening ended Randy cried out, "Thank you so fucking much St. Pete! Make some noise for our bass player who just wants to go home and die!" The crowd roared and Randy screamed, "Thank you so fucking much Florida! I promise, we will be back!"

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Jannus Landing
St. Petersburg, FL

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