MusicDish Releases Mashed Buddha's 'Four Keys To Zen' EP
Date: Tuesday, May 15 @ 09:07:44 MDT
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In preparation for the upcoming release of his full length album "Zen Conspiracy," electronica/drum'n'bass artist Mashed Buddha has released the "Four Keys To Zen" EP under a Creative Commons license.

"I want as many people worldwide to hear 'Four Keys To Zen'," noted John Corda aka Mashed Buddha. "It really introduces a more improvisational style than my debut album 'Subdue Your Mind' that culminates in my upcoming 'Zen Conspiracy'. The Creative Commons route seemed like the best way to get my fans excited about my new work and spread it beyond."

The four track EP will initially be released exclusively through MusicDish's artist development arm, MusicDish Network ( Enthusiasts will be invited to join Mashed Buddha's FanList, allowing them to download high quality (320 kbps - stereo), DRM-free mp3 files of the tracks as well as cover art and desktop wallpapers. Under the Creative Commons license, fans will be able to copy, burn and share the tracks with their friends around the world.

MusicDish has enlisted selected partner to help support the EP release, including:
* Airplay Direct will be promoting the EP to its 1,300 radio station members
* Trakheadz will be distributing it through its network of DJs worldwide
* MusicWorld3D will be hosting the 'Four Keys To Zen' Virtual Release Party on June 13th

"Four Keys to Zen" represents a new direction for Mashed Buddha, who's sublime, orchestrated grooves have thus far lacked one thing: Improvisation. Whereas debut album "Subdue Your Mind" was an experiment in electronica composition, the EP and upcoming full length album "Zen Conspiracy" are a collection of layered funk, drum n bass, and downtempo grooves that allow for jamming keyboard solos.

Track Listing:
* Hype - featuring the voice of legendary guru of all things enlightening and bender of spoons Uri Geller waxing hypnotic over a chill yet driving groove.
* Mystery Dropper - Organic drum n bass combined with sick keyboard chops.
* Spikes - from Mashed Buddha's debut effort 'Subdue Your Mind,' this is a descending drum n bass pattern that evolves and replicates. Spiky, like crazy Aunt Mable's cookout punch.
* Temptation - Damn funky catchy clav electronica.

To download 'Four Keys to Zen' for FREE, visit Mashed Buddha's creator John Corda decided to stop waiting for the band of his dreams and instead created his own album of original music. Attracted to the complex drum stylings of jungle and drum n bass, he used this as a rhythmic foundation for much of the music on his debut album "Subdue Your Mind." Not content with creating just another drum n bass record, he added grooves that are at times hypnotic, dissonant, symphonic, emotional, or all of the above. The result is an organic approach to electronic music.

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