Doro The Warrior
Date: Thursday, June 14 @ 11:21:01 MDT
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When Doro Pesch rolls into to town, you know there's gonna be a hell of a rock show! That's what Allentownsfolk discovered when she let loose her warrior soul for the crowd at the Crocodile Rock Café. With her entourage of metal heavies in tow, which included none other than the great Chris Caffery, Doro showed us what it means to keep the faith and rock your face off!

Doro Pesch

Doro The Warrior
By Sherry Thomas
Photos by Ellie Timms

Nothing is better than a warm, pre-summer evening when you have the car windows down, the wind blowing through your hair and the stereo blaring. You know that you're meeting up with a bunch of friends for a few drinks and good times.

That is unless it's accompanied by kicking the summer off to an early start by seeing the queen of metal, Doro Pesch at Crocodile Rock Café in Allentown, PA kicking off her tour in support of the release of her two-disc DVD titled 20 Years A Warrior Soul.

Chris Caffery started my night off on a good note. He was joined by bassist Joey Bones, drummer John Macaluso and guitarist Paul LaPlaca. The set was entirely too short for my liking, but rocked nonetheless with songs from Faces, Warped and new release, Pins and Needles. Stand-outs were "Abandoned," "Edge of Darkness" and crowd favorite "Pisses Me Off." Caffery is performing double duty on this tour, axe-slinging for Doro too. I'm not quite sure how he's doing it, but maybe he'll patent the formula.

Doro hit the stage at 10:30 and launched into "Earthshaker Rock" from the Warlock album Hellbound. She had the crowd going crazy instantly. I'm always impressed with performers who have complete control of the audience.

Doro, along with long-time bassist Nick Douglas, drummer Johnny Dee, guitarist Luca Princiotta with the aforementioned Chris Caffery, performed both classic tunes from her days in Warlock to selections from her successful solo career. Nobody in the crowd was disappointed as she went right into "Metal Racer," "You're My Family," a song dedicated to her fans, "Burning The Witches" and "Above The Ashes."

In the middle of the set, dedicated fans named Joe and Michelle presented Doro with a birthday cake and drummer Johnny Dee presented a killer drum solo that many people are still raving about.

Highlights of this energetic show were "I Rule The Ruins," an amazing version of "Breaking The Law" and my all-time favorite "All We Are." Doro and the band were consistently interacting with fans. The crowd wanted to hear more from Doro and company, so they came out to encore, ending the night with "East Meets West" and another favorite "Love Me In Black."

The energy and excitement in Crocodile Rock was rather evident. I'm sure the party could have gone on all night and I would have gladly stayed. I highly recommend catching this tour if it comes to your area. I even took the three and a half hour trip out to Virginia a few days later because I had to see these talented bands again.

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Crocodile Rock Café
Allentown, PA

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