Djembe Drum Music: Yaya Diallo Interrupts the Silence
Date: Thursday, August 07 @ 11:37:52 MDT
Topic: News and Commentary

Very often I'm asked to write articles on the subject of drum music. During my 20 years of experience as an instructor of drumming and dance in Africa, Europe, Asia, U.S.A., Canada and the Antilles I always avoided the ambiguous subjects. One day I said to myself, "Enough, it's enough! Stop the massacre." I have my share of responsibility and guilt in the tragedy that we are living today regarding African percussion. I am going to write a series of articles with the frankness and honesty of style for which I am known. I assure you there will be tears and grinding of teeth over some of the reading. Too bad for the lame ducks!

The following is a list of subjects to be covered:

1. Djembe and Djembefola
2. The Djembe Gangsters
3. Percussion and AIDS
4. The Drum Mafia
5. Percussion and African dance ... A Deaf Dialogue
6. African Percussion and Racism
7. Miscellaneous Questions

Note: Do not count on me for a request to offer a public apology or
to take back my statements. This will never happen.

To all who are listening ... Greetings!

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