Absent Me - Self-Titled EP
Date: Thursday, August 21 @ 07:51:05 MDT
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Absent Me [another local band preferring to use only their first names or nicknames], from Sacramento, California, is comprised of five unique members: Brian [Soma], Curtis [Loki], Job, Butch, Megan [Skully], and Tim [Monkey]. Collectively they possess an incredibly fresh new style and sound for the local music scene, however they have yet to receive the much-deserved admiration as other bands of their stature.

Absent Me
CD Review By Paula Wilson

Their sound is captivating as well as alluring, mixing strong melodic vocals with keyboards; forcefully delivered drums/percussion; catchy, strong, hard-rock guitar riffs, intertwined with metal overtones; rounding out and contributing to the band's overall unique sound, a thumping bass guitar.

This band will not only blend with, but also compliment many genres of music. Their music is radio-friendly, possibly even dance friendly, having the capability of appealing to a large listening audience ranging from teens on up to listeners in their mid to late thirties quite easily.

The song, “Gloria” is a perfect example of the captivating sound this band produces. Skully lays it out very heavy on the keyboards crossing finely over into the gothic side, yet the song remains solid hard rock.

“Disposable Hero” is an extremely fast song, delivered with heavy metal overtones on both drums and bass guitar, in addition to aggressive guitar work rhythmically executed by Loki. Soma's vocals are melodic, dark, borderline erotic, with brief interjections of primal screaming.

Introduction to “Save Me”, by Job is a brief solo demonstrating his thumping bass style. Following suite with his forcefully delivered sticks is Butch on drums, and once more, Skully on keyboards. This song has a very danceable beat, sultry vocals by Soma intermixed with some “AM” type vocal distortions, and multiple changes throughout in tempo … overall a great song.

Closing out this E.P., the final track, “Now You Know” proving to be fast paced, pounding, constantly changing hard-rock borderline Groove/funk based song. Strongly executed throughout, this song needs to be played at an elevated level on a stereo to grasp the full effect.

Overall Impression: Great album!  A band capable of making an impact on local music … also very worthy of your respect and monetary investment in order to capture the true essence of Absent Me; another “must-have” in your collection of local music talents. Additional side note: Save that investment capital for the soon to be re-released EP.

Congratulations to the band … winners of the Artist Development Contest sponsored by Sacramento's Velvet Tone Studios in May. The band will be professionally re-recording their EP including some new music, compliments of the infamous Patrick Olguin -Recording Engineer Extraordinaire at Velvet Tones. The band’s barefaced self-promotion has just begun to scratch the surface; however they have started to gain some very long overdue attention and well deserved, perhaps the wording should be … earned recognition! For more updates on the recording, merchandise, show updates, etc., please check their web site: http://www.absentme.com.


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