J.C. Mathews releases 2nd melodic rock guitar CD
Date: Sunday, August 24 @ 18:36:00 MDT
Topic: New Artist - Rock

Melodic rock guitarist J.C. Mathews took at step “into the unknown” with the release of his second CD at Ampcast com.
“Into the Unknown” is available for $9.99 at http://www.ampcast.com/jcmathews.
Released August 18, the collection features nine songs and almost 53 minutes of melodic rock instrumentals ranging from slow rock grinders to soaring anthems and fast-paced whirlwinds. The CD’s eclectic reach shows Mathews’ versatility, but the unmistakable melodic rock sound in each track binds them into a tightly woven collection.
For example, the first track -- “March To Malibu” -- grinds its way along a seven-minutes path replete with dual and triple leads, power changes and a chorus reminiscent of surf rock and 80s hair bands, all at once. It’s followed by “400 Meters,” a 90-mile-per-hour whirlwind featuring Mathews’ characteristic harmony leads.
“I think it’s a great listen,” said Mathews. “It’s got something for everyone, but make no mistake -- it’s a rock album at heart. Sure I play guitar, but “Into The Unknown” isn’t a collection of guitar stuff.
“It’s a collection of solid rock songs that I like, and I hope you like them, too.“
“Into The Unknown” follows on the success of Mathews’ first CD, “Heidelberg,” which reached thousands of Internet listeners in 2002.
Two tracks from “Into The Unknown,” along with two from Heidelberg, are also available as free downloads at http://www.ampcast.com/jcmathews. Mathews encourages listeners to download and share the free tracks available on his website.
“I want people to know that there’s quality independent music available at Ampcast and other online music distributors,“ he said. “If you like it, spread the word. If you really like it, pick up the CD and support independent music.”

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