Little Tin Box says hello
Date: Friday, February 27 @ 07:09:02 MST
Topic: New Artist - New Age and Dance

New to Garage Radio, the ST. Paul Minnesota duo known as Little Tin Box comes out of hiding to show some appreciation to Garage Radio and provide their brand of Electronica as well. "It's not your typical Electronica in the realm of 'techno' or 'house' music.," Says Charles when asked to describe Little Tin Box "I would say it is more like taking Peter Gabrielle's 80's sound, and making it just a little more modern. Or maybe it's more like if Tool did synth pop... and had a girl singing lead... or... maybe not." Little Tin Box consists of members Charles and Kelly Sadler. Kelly is the front lady for the duo, lending her vocal talent that has been compared to evanescence's Amy Lee. Charles accompanies her with precision programming and a classically trained piano style that really adds harmony to dissonance.

Little Tin Box is electronica with a soul, and the duo hopes to share their spirit with the garage radio community for many years to come. Hear it here first!

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