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The Showdown: Temptation Come My Way

Genre: Heavy Metal/Southern Rock
Label: Mono vs. Stereo

Tennessee natives The Showdown have chiseled out a cross section of power pop metal and virile heavy metal that fuses the severity and tension of Metallica and Opeth with the guilty pleasures of power pop metal's The Scorpions and Stryper. Their sophomore release Temptation Come My Way, produced by Paul Ebersold (Three Doors Down, Saliva) has the metal scope of Trivium and the Southern Rock moxie of Van Zandt.

The boot-kicking drum beats of Andrew Hall are aligned with the punching bass pulls of Eric Koruschak, and the tightly wind guitar lariats of Travis Bailey and Josh Childers as the lead vocals of David Bunton grip and tug while coursing through the voluminous movements and twisting chord progressions. Bunton's and Childers' baritone registers shower over the fiery guitar shreds and hard hitting rhythms making the vocal power immense as the metal-soaked sequences storm like a fury reflective of Iron Maiden and brandish melodic trimmings liken to Nickelback.

At the onset, sparks fly from the curried-flamed guitar cuts with "Fanatics And Whores." The hard rock shreds are intense and pounding with an As Cities Burn thunder. The heavy metal ammunition on "Head Down" is armored with pellets of guitar taps lacerating with an Eddie Van Halen axemanship. The tracks are stylish in a Metallica-vein and corset a Black Label Society groove like on "We Die Young," a track that rings with the persuasion of an anthem for the youth.

There's drama, passion, and excitement in the voracious metal rages and battle-cry vocals fomenting into a fleet of sonic howls syncopated like a brethren of The Receiving End Of Sirens. There is an animalistic quality in the vocals and blaring chord movements which hound into mammoth bursts liken to 2 Cents and Mudvayne. The intricate chord bends in the guitars and the headbanging aggression of the rhythm section and vocals are melodically groomed like on "Six Feet Under" and "Breath Of The Swamp." The Showdown's use of power chords is proficient and design meaty vibrations kneaded into a smoking delivery.

The Southern rock vibes on "It Drinks From Me" harken a Van Zandt bark and clamp a Slipknot guitar froth. The song harbors hi-fi levels along acoustic and rock filaments through the passages as the vocal embellishments empower the tune with a warm country-heat, whereas the vocal pikes on the remaining tracks are forcefully determined and taut equal to the electrifying chord dynamics that endow the songs with a metallurgy symphonic. The nu-metal scope in "Forget My Name" and the title track is heady and headstrong decked with rhythm kicks that are steadfast and hot blooded. There isn't a single dull moment on the album, even the remake of the classic Kansas tune "Carry On My Wayward Son" is superbly touched up with heavy metal drenched enhancements and vigorously impassioned vocals. The tracks are pumped up and filled with might putting a contemporary flint in the heavy metal fires that burned before.

It's really exciting to see the guilty pleasures of power pop metal and the severity of hardcore metal fitted into a vibrant synthesis. The tracks simmer at an Iron Maiden broil and resound with a Killswitch Engage nu metal bluster. Temptation Come My Way is The Showdown's follow up to their 2004 debut album A Chorus Of Obliteration. Some fans will find the sequel piece milder and definitely more melodically toned, but it is undeniably brawny, hard hitting and charges with a turbo blast while keeping artistic with complex foliage in the sequences and vocals that hold their own through the blustering rampages. The Showdown is the Clint Eastwood tough guy character which we don't see many of nowadays.

Added: February 16th 2007
Reviewer: Susan Frances
Related Link: Visit The Showdown Online
Hits: 3324
Language: english


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