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Silent Fate: The Autumn Machine

Genre: Metal
Label: Independent
Release Date: 07.07.07

Silent Fate's Anthony Paganini and I may not see eye-to-eye on how long it's taken the band to finally release a new record (I say 5 years and he says 3), but this one was definitely worth the wait! The Autumn Machine is probably one of the most anticipated indie metal releases this year ... and for me, it's almost become an obsession!

If you're an old school fan of Silent Fate, you'll definitely notice some postmortem reconstructive surgery on this record. Right out of the gate, "Permicide" rears its vicious head, driving you into a death spiral of moshworthy blast beats and screaming vox. The title track brings on the same presence with a heaping helping of monster groove. Frank Guertin Jr.'s outstanding propensity for hardcore, stylistic, melodic guitar leads just sends these tracks home.

Up to this point I think I'd been sort of "on the fence" about Alessio's aggressive, growling vocals, but his elemental presence is often displaced by Paganini's harmonious, more refined accompaniment. It's a combination that seems to balance out the entire album with an ear shattering mix of mood & 'tude ... the result being an enigmatic spectrum of styles that encompasses every conceivable manner of metal.

Even though most of The Autumn Machine is a lot harder than anything I've ever heard before from Silent Fate, they do have a less antagonistic side. Songs like "Sadly," "Skin," "A Slow Decay" and "Ice" show their mellower traits; however, it's their version of Duran Duran's "Come Undone" that really adds a whole new dimension to their diverse arsenal. This is an obscure song for any band to cover, but SF's adaptation reinvents it ... bringing in the soulful vox of Meegan Coleman to augment Paganini's almost spot on Simon LeBon impression. "Junior" even plays a pivotal role, bringing this one to a new level with a set of licks causing me to rethink the fact that I was playing air guitar to Duran Duran!

Groove, melody, intensity, composition, musicianship, diversity and endless hooks ... this whole record is the ultimate cornucopia of sonic sensation and a truly dynamic mix of style and substance. A new band, new sound and new attitude have created sort of a coup d'état for Silent Fate. This more intense version still displays that telltale glimmer of the original band, yet bridges their dark origins with a brutal passion that'll transcend the boundaries of modern metal for sure!

Added: June 21st 2007
Reviewer: John Foxworthy
Related Link: Visit Silent Fate Online
Hits: 9224
Language: english


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